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March 17th, 2008, 11:20 PM
So how do you celebrate Spring Break or the beginning of it?

(Sleep in?)

Nevahhhh. Why you wake up at 5am just to make it to the airport of course. *evil growling*

Yes, yes you too can be grumpy at that time. :gun_bandana:

There are a few things I like to do to pass time by when I travel. Sit at Starbucks and listen to people say 20 different words to order a hot coffee AND people watch.

(Ohhh to be a fly on a wall...without a buzz trap)

I normally travel 5 times a year to go back home and be with my family, and well...you develop routines. You know, wear flip flops, pack pillows, explain to TSA agents that erotic authors arenít nymphomaniacs.

(They saw my how to books for erotic romance. Hey i was
researching!......a bit.......for....my books.....and stuff.)

So there I am at the American Airlines gate, and as Iím slowly starting to drift to sleep in a weird bendy pretzel position that we all manage to get into, my phone beeps.

"This is a call from American Airlines of your gate change."

Heathens...the lot of them. :hissyfit: I have to get out of my bendy pretzel shape and move. *hissssss* Yes...they are evil.

They changed my gate........twice. Ever have those moments where you wish there was a camera in front of you, just so you can stare at it and.........

*hissss, meowing and tearing up papers all over the place*

LOL. Iím part cat.

The rest of the time as I trekked back and forth wasnít too bad, hitched a ride, looked at the monitors, confused the Starbucks people. When I finally settled in, I was able to focus on my work. So I grabbed some paper and prepared to further detail the characters of Cole and Maddie for an upcoming digest.

So far its labeled The Mis-Adventures of Maddie Wagner , but this is a working title and will more than likely change. In its writing stage it is already making me laugh. And thatís pretty good, which means Iíll fly right through it and finish it in no time flat.

This book, is unlike the others because its a romantic comedy. Havenít done those. Have done some comedy bits but not full out, so weíll see how it pans.

Now researching this was fun. If anyone ever wants to find out about how human beings are, go to an airport. Too much fun! The Price of Right theme ran through my head as I analyzed people imagining my own characters.

(Strange person...cmon down for another episode of the price is right!!!)

Well it was more fun trying to stay awake and taking catnaps but watching people is just...awesome.

In making Maddie, I watched some women walk by just seeing if Maddie had some of those characteristics. Some yes, some no. Three pages, very funny and quite hysterical moments later, I had a good core set.

Now Cole, ooooh my little Cole, my lovely, sexy male character.

Hubba hubba. This was a blast.

Now I have a wonderful boyfriend and I love him dearly. So this was purely research.

(Yes...research. Just research. Eye candy yummy, but research)

So as of now, they are set...yaayyyy. But as with traveling, I am jet lagged so...