View Full Version : Excerpt: Last Wish by Shelley Munro

Shelley Munro
April 9th, 2008, 04:31 PM
Here's a short excerpt from Last Wish, a paranormal set in contemporary New Zealand. The two main characters are just getting acquainted...and yes, this is an erotic romance in the m/m genre...


Zane drew in a sharp breath, the air hissing through his teeth in a distinct whistle. He’d seen the human checking him out—he’d have needed to be blind not to notice. And he returned the interest. In the past he hadn’t had much time to pursue sexual inclinations, but maybe while he was hiding out…as long as there were no wishes involved…

The decision was easy to make.

Seize the opportunity.

“We can sit outside and come up with a plan,” Dillon said.

Yeah, bugger the consequences.

When Dillon turned to hand the beer over, Zane moved close and kissed him hard. A surprised sound whooshed from the man but he didn’t fight or shriek with horror. Good. Zane’s cap sort of jammed between them, getting in the way. Impatiently, he wrenched it off, tossing the annoyance aside before kissing the human again. Zane softened the kiss, giving instead of taking. The contrast of hard muscled body and firm lips kissing him back made him want much more, but he kept it slow and easy, letting their tongues tangle together. Discovering. Exploring. The human groaned, the rough sound reverberating between them and he pulled away, panting, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he stared in shock. Zane smiled and briefly cupped the human’s cheek before moving into his personal space. A shiver slipped down his body when their erections brushed for a sweet moment. When they repeated the move, shockwaves ricocheted through him. More. Urgently, he backed Dillon up so the countertop halted retreat. Now he had him. Thigh met thigh. Groin brushed groin, and Zane sighed at the firm friction of cock against cock. They were both big men, of a similar height. Good matches physically, which was great because he had designs on this man’s body. He nipped at a bottom lip then soothed it lovingly with his tongue. Two beer cans thudded to the bench top and arms clasped him close. A moan slipped from Zane at the additional heat and the total acceptance of his advance. Dillon caught the sound with his mouth, sliding their lips together again.

His kiss, Zane thought, smoothly taking control again. His hips moved at the same instant he slipped his tongue into the warm recesses of the human’s mouth. Sweet. So sweet. A hint of coffee danced across his taste buds, fragrant with a hint of spices and dark chocolate and underscored by the essence of man. The hot, wet slide of tongues moving together sent blood crowding painfully into his cock. Chills raced across his skin at the rightness of it and the knowledge the genie boss and his mercs were searching for him propelled him onward. This might be the last time for a while. His cock jerked. Sex and danger—the perfect combination.

“Enough.” Dillon jerked his mouth away, breathing hard.

“You mean stop?” They’d barely started.