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Tara S Nichols
May 1st, 2008, 02:14 AM
Occasionally I play the thursday thirteen game on my blogs. I really enjoyed this weeks so I'll post it here too. Or, feel free to visit my blogs to see it in its natural habitat.

Thirteen spams from my inbox:

Coinciding with my last Thursday thirteen I thought I'd give an example, or thirteen, of just what I'm talking about.

I picked the oddest, funniest and the filthiest of the 200 or so I had collected over the past few days.

One.) Joseph Lockett: New gigantic rod is easy to get!~Short and thin weenies provoke female derision, so take care to increase it!
* say, yuhuh

Two.) very CheapPrice Bacheelor, MasteerMBA, and Doctoraate dip1omas icq ekzg 9je2 - We can assist with Diplomas from prestigious universities based on your present knowledge and
* I say, nuh uh

three.) Zachariah Ortega: Huge tool to please your lassie
* I say, great evil villain name, not very Scottish though

four.) Darius Dyer: A horse shoe is considered lucky; A Gucci shoe for less than cost will get you lucky!
* I say, Nyce

Five.) rainer Otchis: aerbdniw
* i say, say what?

Six.) Momot: Wanna have a bazooka in your boxers? Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder how small you are, wake up and get big now.
* I say, my ultimate favorite

Seven.) Craig Mcfadden: Small cucumber is your disadvantage
* I say, a close second and I found the Scottish man

Eight.) Laa: Please spare me your anaconda
* I say, pwahahahaah

nine.) jaon: Learn how to be masterpecker
* i say, Would that be master wood pecker, or master woody wood pecker?

Ten.) Dennis Waller to Frogland : Try and life up to them, to you will seem spent all for nothing
* i say, who is this mysterious frogland?

Eleven.) brooke azizi: Breitling - Click here The items that have found you
* i say, click where?

Twelve.) Alfonso Gates: New way of baby-maker enlargement
* I say, come on Alfonso say it with me, P-E-N-I-S

Thirteen.) Margo Lund: Enlarge your machine size
* i say, Um Margo, I'm not an android ok?

Oooh that was therapeutic.

Jennifer Shirk
May 1st, 2008, 07:29 AM
A bazooka in your boxers? :duh: LOL!!

Debora Dennis
May 1st, 2008, 01:15 PM
I may never look at cucumbers the same again Talk2Hand Smilie