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Lea Winter
May 3rd, 2008, 04:52 PM
Hello Everyone!
I’m Lea Winter and I just had my first full-length release, Ellie’s Delight, this past Thursday. I wanted to give you a sample of what you’d find inside, so here’s an except:

Ellie couldn’t believe how brazen Stuart was. Not only was he hitting on her, and hitting hard, he made no attempt to disguise his advances. “Stop! Just stop! I didn’t let you come here so you could torment me. Either leave me alone or leave.”
He had no intention of retreating; his hand found the warmth of her flushed cheek. The back of his fingers roamed lightly over her skin only to be replaced by his full, quivering lips as his open mouth teased at their mark. The moist heat of his breath taunted her, causing her heart to pound in her chest with anticipation.
His voice dropped an octave, filling her ears with a soft, growling whisper. “You like that, don’t you? I know you want to feel the hardness of my body as it caresses yours. I’ve caught you stealing glances at me, seen the dark sensuous dreams in those chocolate-brown eyes. We could explore those dreams together.” He moved his cheek against Ellie’s while nibbling at her ear. She could feel the warmth of his breath travel to her neck, her ability to resist slipping farther away.
She pulled back abruptly, but hesitated first, and she knew Stuart had the upper hand. He knew it too. She could tell by the way his lips slid into an impish grin.
“God, you’ve got me hot,” he said, his voice barely in control as he reached for her hand and brought it to his mouth, running his tongue from the center of her palm to the tip of her index finger, pulling the finger into his mouth and sucking lightly.
She closed her eyes, torn between fighting the sensations pulsing from her temples to her groin and letting go, giving in and letting him take her right there in the kitchen. He was right, she conceded with reluctance. She wanted him. She wanted him so desperately she felt as if she were going to explode. One minute she was ready to send him packing and the next she entertained thoughts of how wonderful it would feel to have him in her bed.
The fear of not having the strength to say no scared her more than anything. She had to be in control. It had been so long since she had made love with a man. She had promised herself when it happened she would be positive it was what she wanted, not what her loins dictated in the heat of the moment. She opened her eyes, her chest heaving with excitement, her palms clammy with sweat.
“Stuart, please...”
He kissed her hand again, nipping playfully, and before she could stop him, he placed it firmly against his jeans. Ellie could feel the length of his digits over hers, as the fullness of his member throbbed beneath her fingertips.
“See how hard you’ve got me? It’s cruel to get me this worked up and not make love to me. Let’s do it—right here on the kitchen table. I’ll take you so high you’ll never want to come back to earth.”

I loved writing this story about a girl and her horse farm in Michigan. I didn’t realize it at the time but I picture the hero, Stuart, as looking quite a bit like Gerard Butler (think of him in the movie P.S I Love You.) Her world is turned upside down when Stuart rents a room for one month and they find they share a bond much deeper than just the shared room.
Check it out!
Talk to you soon!