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October 30th, 2006, 07:44 AM
"The Confession" by Lori Derby Bingley

A father's startling confession makes one woman face a past she longs to forget, by trusting the one man who forces her to face it.

Available now at Champagne Books!! www.champagnebooks.com

He could hear the priest shifting in his seat and almost felt pity for him. But he had to continue. He spent the next half hour explaining to the priest about his past, his present, and what should have been his future. He told
him in detail about the person he’d stalked for many months, then finally caught up with in the park tonight-- and murdered.

“And that is why I have come to you, Father. I am not asking for forgiveness for this deed. I just had to tell someone before I die.”

The priest cleared his throat, his voice hoarse. “Are you ill, my son?”

He sighed, no longer feeling the pain but knowing that time was short. “Yes, Father. I must go now. It’s almost time.”

The priest’s voice became desperate. “Wait. Don’t go. You need help. Allow me to get you medical attention at least. It will be private, trust me.”

He jumped up, not wanting anyone to help him. He didn’t want to live. He had nothing to live for anymore. “No thank you, Father. Just keep my secret, that’s all I ask.”

Before the priest could say any more, he left the confessional and walked briskly down the aisle to the end of the church. He noticed the stained water he’d used to clean his hands and felt guilty. But he had to go. He had a feeling he was no longer alone. Someone had seen him and was on his trail.

He ran down the steps, thankful they weren’t slippery. There was a nativity scene out front, and he ran past it, not seeing the eyes that watched him go. Not seeing the flash of steel inside a black cloak or the look of hatred in eyes as bright as the stars.

He trotted down the street, not sure where he was going. He just knew he had to leave--to get out of there before it was too late. Perhaps he could live after all. He could go to a clinic that didn’t ask any questions and be
cured and…

No, he couldn’t. But he wasn’t going to be taken down by anyone else either. He would go to a spot and die on his own terms.

He lost his footing and fell to the cement as stones tore at his bare hands. He cursed his bad luck but jumped up and continued running. He could hear footsteps behind him as they matched his pace. Only a little faster.

His breathing became harsh, and he fought the pain in his lungs as he moved toward the park. He needed a place to hide, somewhere to stop and rest. Just not near the other body. They couldn’t be tied together. It was too

Many people still remained in the park but kept to the lighted areas where trees were strung with white lights and the pond had been frozen over for skating. He heard excited laughter in the distance as he lifted his nose to the

Something caught his attention, and he stopped to listen. He could hear the crunching of snow behind him and he froze. He caught the scent of death, and when he turned to see his attacker, he tried to yell out but it was
too late.

He hit the snow hard, although he didn’t feel a thing. As his blood seeped into the white of winter, he watched his assailant walk away, joining another who had watched in silence.


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November 4th, 2006, 01:48 PM
ohhh..that is good! I have my PAPERBACK version right in my hot little hand (dancing around)

November 5th, 2006, 01:17 AM
ohhh..that is good! I have my PAPERBACK version right in my hot little hand (dancing around)

I have it too, but it's a day reader for me...LOL Meaning only to be read during the day. Can't wait to dive into it. Lori is just plain creepy GOOD!!

November 5th, 2006, 01:25 AM
I have it too, but it's a day reader for me...LOL Meaning only to be read during the day. Can't wait to dive into it. Lori is just plain creepy GOOD!!

:pinch: Weenie.. I love a good mystery and the creepier the better. Lori never disappoints in this category.. you could say she's cornered the creep market. Hmm, Lori, Creep Champion of the World.

Now, before I'm killed off in mysterious circumstances by a 'unknown' person bearing a more than passing resemblance to Lori Bingley,Resident Evil Authoress of Champagne Books, I will say that picking up a book by her will chill you, and thrill you, but it won't kill you.

Only aggravating the snot out of her like I have will do that.. *hurk* :turned:

Laura Baumbach
November 5th, 2006, 02:59 AM
Hi, my name is Laura Baumbach and I write mainstream thrillers and erotic romances. My most recent thriller release is through Aspen Mountain Press and it is titled FLIGHT OF THE SPARROWS.

summary:Quill hits the jackpot according to Liam and Kevin, when he hacks into secret files detailing joint, clandestine operations between American and British forces. The information will be of value to someone and they can live like kings for a good long while. Looking at the files, though, Quill knows the supposed good fortune is a curse that will bring the government calling. What can three teenage boys do against the likes of such professional killers?



E Book Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-005-1
Release Date: 9/08/2006
Artist: Jinger Heaston
Price: $6.99 Buy at Aspen Mountain Press (http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/new-releases/flight-of-the-sparrows/prod_16.html)


At 4:22 PM, two agents from MI5 knocked on the door to the Cain flat. One solid lead had emerged and a unit of agents arrived at the home of Mrs. Olive Cain, housewife, mother and sister of the McCabe brothers. Not only did Mrs. Cain have BT Openworld for an ISP, but this was the last known address for Kevin and Liam McCabe, alleged members of the soon-to-be infamous FalconHawk, hackers-turned-terrorists group. After several minutes, a young woman carrying a toddler opened the door. Slithering out of his mother’s arms, the child wandered off to sit in the middle of a group of pots and pans on the floor behind her.
Flashing the child a weary look, the young woman wiped her soapy hands on the worn dishtowel tucked into the waistband of her jeans. Turning back to her visitors, she sighed the same sigh everyone gives when confronting unwanted door-to-door salesmen. Impatient, but taken with one man’s face and charming smile, she asked, "Whatcha want then?"
Being a father himself, Inspector Jamieson read the situation in a heartbeat. How many times had he listened to his own wife complain about the bothersome interruptions from unwanted visitors at their door when she was busy with the twins? Turning on his most charming smile he worked on setting her mind at ease.
"Olive Cain? Good morning, Miss." Jamieson had found the use of the youngish title of Miss never failed to please any woman over 25, especially the married ones. ‘Ma’am’ closed more doors than an insurance salesman. A small smile lifted the corners of her mouth and the Inspector knew he had her attention.
Dark eyes darting from one man to the next, Olive allowed her posture to relax just a bit, her voice remaining tentative. "Yeah, I’m her. And it’s Mrs. Who’re you?"
"We’re friends of Kevin’s. Business acquaintances really. He did some programming work for us awhile back and we’d like to get in touch with him about doing another job. This is the address he gave us back then." Jamieson turned the charm on full volume. "We were hoping to find him at home."
Olive smiled and relaxed a bit more. They were well-dressed men, business suits and clean-shaven faces, after all. Kev had talked about doing some freelance programming now and then.
She moved a little farther out the door, lessening the din of the toddler banging away on his pots and pans interrupting their conversation. "Our Kev don’t live here anymore. Him and Liam moved out when the baby come."
"Liam?" asked Jamieson.
"Our younger brother. Year younger than Kev. Miss the rent money they kicked in, but can’t say I wasn’t relieved." Olive twisted her face into an exasperated expression. "I can only look after so many little boys at once, you know? And now that there’s three of them…well, let’s just say I’m glad they moved all of their computers and junk into their own place." Concern flashed across her oval face. "Not that I’d call that dirty old warehouse a home, but they like it and it’s big enough for all of their ‘toys’."
The concert from inside the flat reached new heights off the music scale. Olive sneaked a quick peek to be sure everything was fine with her son before turning back and adding, "I don’t miss that either. Computers don’t make as much noise as pots and pans, but they make just as much mess, with all the covers off and such. Too dangerous around a baby, y’know?"
Jamieson shot his partner a knowing look. "I agree. Now that you mention it, Kevin did say he had a brother working with him. Sorry, I never knew his name. You must be quite a sister. Not every young woman is so devoted to her younger siblings these days."
Unable to hide her blush of pleasure, Olive fiddled with the ends of her long hair, flashing an embarrassed smile at Jamieson.
"Nothing any sister what loves her brothers wouldn’t do. You have to watch out for ’em these days. They’re too young or too simple to watch out for themselves and some dirty old perv or pimp will nab ’em straight away, they will." Olive’s tone took on a possessive, protective edge to it, adding, "That’s why I hooked young Quill up with ‘em. That poor child woulda been easy takings for one of them sorts. Too smart with computers and too bloody innocent with everything else. Prefers ‘em to people, he does. Wasn’t going to last two days alone, poor bugger. Weren’t safe."
Jamieson asked, "Quill? Is that Kevin’s third partner you mentioned? Are we looking at three potential programmers for hire?" He let just the right amount of hopefulness creep into his voice, encouraging her to tell him more.
Olive gave an uncertain laugh, running a hand through her long hair, nervous with the turn the conversation was taking. "Well…. I know I should’ve told Child Services where he was back then, but the poor sweet boy’d been through so much already, what with his mum up and disappearing like that. Been almost two years now. But I just couldn’t, his mum being a friend and all. Quill was shattered when she disappeared and once that wanker of a landlord found out Sheila was gone, he threw Quill right out on the street. Poor kid didn't have no place to go, now did he?"
Jamieson nodded sympathetically. "The street is no place for a child."
"Especially one what looks like he does. Wait a min, I’ll show you a snapshot of him. He’s a beautiful boy, turning into a right handsome young man." Slipping just inside the doorway, Olive picked up a frame off a small table. Handing it to Jamieson, she said, "Took it at his birthday bash two weeks ago. Quill’s the cute one in the black leather jacket. I got it for him as his present." Olive ran a finger over the glass protecting the boy’s image. "He got all choked up when he opened it, nearly cried."
Jamieson studied the photograph, taking in the sharp, classic cut of the teenager’s young face and the too-thin lines of his slender frame. Clothed in a tattered, fraying sweater, scuffed, worn boots and faded jeans, the boy looked to be barely in his teens. Frowning, Jamieson thought there was a touch of sadness around the teenager’s eyes that shouldn’t be there in someone so young.
Olive pointed at each of her brothers in turn. "That’s Kev, and Liam is the one in the army jacket. The three of them hit it off like brothers. Quill’s been living with them ever since. Kev says he’s brill with computers. I wouldn’t know about that. I only use ours for shopping on the Internet."
The Inspector couldn’t help the smug, tolerant smile that tugged at his lips, breaking the spell of his charm. Realizing she had been standing on her doorstep pouring out details of her brothers’ lives to a virtual stranger, Olive stepped back inside the doorframe, taking the photograph with her. Even business acquaintances only needed to know so much about a person.


Laura Baumbach Author and Screenwriter
http://www.laurabaumbach.com (http://www.laurabaumbach.com/) http://www.manloveromance.com

November 5th, 2006, 03:15 AM
Ooh, another! I wish I had the willpower for suspense. But I'm not sure I could go the whole book without telling whodunit, you know? LOL. I love to read them though.. this looks great.

November 5th, 2006, 02:40 PM
I love that! I'm sure my children would agree. People often ask 'why mystery?' and my response is always the same. I have five children - I'm a stay at home mom - I have stressful days - and I get to take it out on my characters. My children love this! If they're driving me nuts, I just go to the computer and take it out on some poor sap who was just trying to make it to the end of the book......

I haven't even seen The Confession yet!!! I can't believe you girls have it! I"m so jealous! Oh well......takes FOREVER to get here! I think it took four or five weeks to reach the bookstore once they ordered "Fraternity". Grrr!

Have a good one! I"m off to houseclean........which means the next character will be killed off tonight!


November 5th, 2006, 04:33 PM
Hi All,
Just jumping in to say Hi. Waving to Lori and everybody! I love suspense and mystery. The best are when I can not figure out 'who did it'. I love to guess and be wrong. It really ruins it for me when I have it figured out from the beginning!

I try to write the way I read. So I'm hoping I accomplished this with Peek A Boo (I See You) My new release from Champagne Books.

http://www.marymartinez.com to read an excerpt or blurb.

Have a good day ladies! I'll read more in a bit, love the excerpt from The Confession and Flight of the Sparrows. I just can't keep up on everything I want to read. I have a hard time writing with all my grandbabies! It's hard to find time to read!

November 5th, 2006, 09:11 PM
I so agree! My husband HATES watching tv with me because I can tell you 15 minute in who dun it! Drives me crazy also.

I am very picky about suspense books!

Congrats on your book Mary! I love that book cover! :euro:

February 4th, 2007, 05:13 PM
I would love to read both of these books now!