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Shelley Munro
May 13th, 2008, 04:53 PM
Shelley Munro
Romantic Suspense
Rating: R

Not many people live their dream, but I've been incredibly lucky. I'm
Anna Tietjens, and I work as a tour leader for Wanderlust Adventures.

My current tour is through incredible India. It should be a breeze,
except my younger sister is joining in New Delhi. Things are not
exactly civil between us — a childhood full of upheaval didn't help —
and our parents have insisted she travel with me or not at all. I see
fun times ahead. Now my boyfriend has turned up without warning.
Don't get me wrong. I really like Sebastian Brady. The sex is good,
spectacular even, but meeting a few times a year is enough. I mean,
I'm not looking for love or happy ever after.

But worst of all is the bad luck I've been having recently. One of my
passengers died in Syria, and now it looks like my co-driver might
have to leave the tour. Despite the exotic location, it's not exactly
smooth sailing, and I'm starting to think someone is out to halt the


I fumbled for a light and switched it on. "Holy cow," I muttered,
horror rippling through both my voice and body.

"What's wrong?" Sebastian's eyes narrowed, watchful while he held his
body carefully balanced, poised ready to fight. Warrior-mode. He
advanced into the room, coming to an abrupt stop. "Well hell," he
said, sending me a wry smile. "Did you book this as a surprise,

My wits returned and I snapped my gaping mouth firmly shut to glare
at Sebastian. His wolfish expression didn't do a thing for my inner
calm. A room meant for lovers, probably the honeymoon suite. I'd been
so tired and grateful to find a room I hadn't quibbled about the
price or asked questions. Recalling the receptionist's smile, I knew
I'd erred. Bloody hell.

"I'll sleep on the floor."

"Don't be silly." Sebastian set his pack down and tugged mine off my
back. "I'm not going to do anything against your will. We'll share.
You can use the bathroom first."

Yeah, that's exactly what I worried about. My willpower or lack
thereof. He nudged me gently in the direction of the huge en suite
while my imagination went into overdrive and visions of Sebastian
naked. I dug my toilet bag from my pack and went. Five minutes later,
I exited, my stomach jumping with nerves. Yes, I was tired but I
wanted Sebastian so badly. I wanted comfort and warmth and sharing. I
wanted sex. But what I wanted and what I'd allow myself were two
different things. Sebastian wouldn't force himself on me. I trusted
him. But I wasn't so sure about my self-control.

And Sebastian wasn't helping. He'd removed his shirt and all he wore
was a pair of khaki shorts. The light shone on his broad shoulders,
the golden glow across flexing muscles tearing at my self-restraint.
My palms itched with the need to touch. He'd injured himself since
I'd seen him last, a scar still pink and new standing out against his
tan. A mercenary. I swallowed, glad I hadn't known earlier. I'd have
worried and overanalyzed everything. A mercenary, for god's sake.
They killed people… He wandered into the en suite and shut the door.
Only then did I let my breath ease out.

The bed was huge, a king-size one with a rich red cover and myriad
pillows in an array of ruby tones. Mosquito nets draped above the bed
while a ceiling fan twirled lazily, dispersing cool air. I kicked off
my Tevas, my feet sinking into the rug near the bed. I stripped off
my T-shirt and bra and yanked a camisole top over my head. It was too
hot to sleep in anything more. Rapidly, I removed my shorts,
replacing them with the matching shorts of my sleep set. Not my
normal sleeping attire, as Sebastian would know, but necessary to
reinforce my point. I let the mosquito net down and then yawning,
slid between the sheets. Every part of my body ached from dragging
tires off and on the truck. A real waste of the honeymoon suite. I
was vaguely aware of Sebastian returning, heard the rustle of
clothing when he undressed. The click of the light when he switched
it off was the last thing I heard.

The dreams came thick and fast. My clothes melted away and I cozied
up to an equally naked Sebastian. His muscles contracted beneath my
exploring fingers, his erect cock leaving a damp trail across my hip.
He dipped his head to invade my mouth, taking even though I gave
willingly. A nip at my earlobe, the grip of his hands and harshness
of his kiss didn't dissuade me. Moisture pooled in my pussy and I
writhed against his large body, desperate for relief. The hard ridge
of his cock pressed into me. I shifted slightly, twisting my body.
His shaft lined up with my pussy. I groaned, and he pushed inside,
filling me with a seamless thrust. Teeth scored the tender skin of my
throat before he cupped my bottom and lifted me into his thrust.
Chills ran across my flesh, chased by searing heat. His hot scent
filled every breath. I sighed, arching, moving with every delicious
stroke of his cock.

"Yes," I whispered. "Touch me. Love me."

"I will," he promised, his gray eyes full of intent.

He thrust hard, his erection stroking across my clit. Pleasure
sizzled through me, the gold medal just out of reach. I strained,
fighting for more. He pinched my nipple, twisted it, giving me the
edge of pain and thrusting me into release.

"Sebastian," I murmured, satiated but he didn't listen. Instead he
laved and sucked my breasts, dipped and delved in slippery folds,
driving me to climax again and again until exhausted I lost

My inner body clock woke me abruptly at six. I lay quietly, feeling
warm and cozy and exhausted from overtly sexual dreams. Gradually, I
became aware of the masculine body behind me and the arm curled
around my waist. Instead of leaping away and screeching at Sebastian
for taking advantage, I lay quietly, savoring our closeness.

"Morning, sweetheart." His voice was a husky rumble. He shifted
slightly and I became aware of his erection digging into me. I closed
my eyes, fighting the need to turn in his arms and kiss him, to take
things to their natural conclusion.

"Do I get a kiss good morning?"

I inhaled sharply. Temptation big time.


Slowly I turned to face him, aching for much more than his kiss. Part
of me expected a smile of triumph, supreme masculine satisfaction.

Instead, his gray eyes were watchful. Alert, I thought with faint
disgust. It took me a cup of coffee to look that good at this time of
the morning.

"My kiss?"

Mesmerized by the warmth in his eyes and the tender smile curving his
lips, I leaned into him. Our lips slid together like old friends. He
was warm, much bigger and could overpower me in an instant, but
instead Sebastian let me take control. I ran my fingers through his
hair, the soft, dark curls tickling my palms. His jaw was rough with
morning stubble, sliding across my cheek like sandpaper. The small
pain brought good sense to the fore. This wasn't a very good idea.
After one final kiss, I drew away.

"We—" I coughed to clear my throat. "We need to leave for the
Majestic soon."

"One more kiss." This time he didn't wait. He took, rolling his body
over mine and pinning me to the mattress. He grinned and smoothed my
hair away from my face before kissing me again. I gasped, opening my
mouth, and he took advantage, slipping his tongue inside. I melted,
pulse racing and body softening in surrender. I was his for the
taking, and we both knew it.

Adventure into Romance