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Eden Rivers
June 17th, 2008, 01:57 PM

My latest release is out this week, and these two stories have a soft spot in my heart becasue I wrote them when I first returned to writing almost 3 years ago. Torrid Teasers Volume 47 is available now from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid (http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/torrid/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=312&zenid=fed4acc968ee5cc17e439a315a328d82). Here are the blurbs for the two contemporary erotic short stories:

Three Nights with Adam

Determined to keep their sex life red hot, Paige plans a birthday surprise for Adam—his hottest fantasy come to life. But when she initiates a ménage with their friend, Lynne, she's unprepared for the emotional intensity of the experience.

The Ones We Love
Sarah struggles with her inhibitions as she prepares for a bacchanalian evening at her friends’ beach house. Within her close-knit circle of friends, the web of love and loyalties can get a bit—tangled.

And here's an adults only excerpt from The Ones We Love:

Sarah couldn’t decide whether to blame Celia’s chowder or the wine, but her body seemed determined to ignore her urge to stay alert and on guard. Her spine relaxed into a soft curve, and her limbs felt heavy and loose as she listened to the crashing waves. Curled beside her on the beach blanket, Jon fidgeted with a piece of driftwood, the heat of his body warm against her back. His musky, soapy scent mixed with the smell of salt spray, and she shivered at the reminder of the hot, damp smell of sex.

Nearby, their closest friends clustered around the remains of the bonfire. His sandy brown head dappled golden in the firelight, Ryan lay next to Celia with his hand snuggled under the waistband of her jeans. Celia’s devilish half smile sent a shiver of apprehension, or maybe anticipation, down Sarah’s spine. Ever since they’d roomed together during their first year of college, Sarah’s raven-haired, irrepressible friend had dragged her into more adventures than she cared to count.

And if Celia didn’t find a way to turn a quiet evening by the shore into something…memorable, Drew would. Sitting with his arm draped across Ethan’s shoulders as he stared at the glowing embers, Drew was six-feet-two of trouble in an irresistible package. His dark hair curled under the collar of his shirt, and his full, sensual lips, moody blue eyes, and angular cheekbones were dappled with shadows in the firelight.

Sarah suspected Drew and Ethan were drawn to each other because Drew was as wild as Ethan was steady. Still, although Ethan kept his black hair clipped short and neat, and Drew wore his long and tousled, Ethan’s preppy accountant look and wire-rimmed glasses couldn’t hide the body of a former college athlete. And if the others initiated something wild, Sarah knew from experience Ethan would ditch his conservative image and play along.

Jon shifted and traced a finger along the curve of Sarah’s breast before tangling his fingers in her chestnut curls. “Want another glass of wine?” His grin looked sexy in the firelight, and he reached up to push a thatch of blond hair away from his forehead.

“I think I’ve had too much already.” When Drew suggested the spring evening on the beach, Sarah knew he had more than food and conversation in mind, and she wanted a clear head if things got out of hand.

As Jon traced his fingers down her spine, letting them rest at the small of her back, Sarah listened to the rhythmic churning of the waves. Hungry for something she couldn’t bring herself to name, something more complicated than his body pressed naked and wet against hers, she stretched out against the curve of his chest, closed her eyes, and buried her hands in the cool sand.

When Ethan and Drew doused the dying fire with a bucket of seawater, Jon sat up and grabbed her around the ribs. “I think we’ve communed with nature enough for one night.”

“But it’s peaceful out here.” Edgy about what might unfold once they were indoors, she hesitated to leave the beach.

Drew chuckled, a low, sexy sound. Sarah suspected he had her all figured out—knew what she wanted, but also understood her fears, and her irrational need to cling to her innocent, country girl image.

Celia rose, and brushed sand off of her shorts, her “I dare you” look easily identifiable in the moonlight. “C’mon, Sarah, I’ll protect you from the big, bad wolves.”

Feed her to them, more like it. But this was a familiar game, and Sarah—not to mention everyone else present—knew she’d join them. She just needed a little coaxing to soothe away her good-girl skittishness.

Jon kissed the nape of her neck and slipped his hand under her shirt to cup her breast. She reached up to touch his face, and felt along his hairline for the childhood scar from when he fell off his bike. Everything about him was familiar, soothing.

“I’m not sure I can do this tonight.”

Not that there hadn’t been dozens of nights like this over the years. And she loved these people more than she could say. But she felt like her stomach was full of June grasshoppers, and she wondered for the millionth time how a shy girl from Idaho had ended up with such a wild bunch.

And for the millionth time she answered herself. Years ago, on the night she’d looked across the crowded college party and spotted Jon, her mouth had gone dry and she’d known in an instant she’d do anything for him. Falling in love with his friends had been a simple extension of the love she offered him.

Jon ran his hand along her arm. “It’s okay. We’ll leave if you get uncomfortable. But the clouds will cover the moon before long, and it’s getting cold.”

As they turned and started toward the lights of the beach house, Ryan kicked a spray of sand across their legs.

“Hey!” Sarah yelped and dodged to the side, but Jon circled around and brought Ryan down with a running tackle.

Ryan’s hand snaked out and grabbed Sarah’s ankle, tumbling her onto the sand with them. She lay there laughing, uncomfortably conscious of the heat of two male bodies beside her. The guys untangled, brushed the worst of the sand off their jeans, and each grabbed an arm to tug her to her feet.

“We were heading in. Remember?” Despite Jon’s scolding tone, Sarah sensed the eagerness, not to mention hunger, behind his words.

“Was it my idea to roll around so we could bring half the beach into the cottage with us?” Her fears forgotten, Sarah bolted out of reach before Jon could grab her and tumble her to the ground.

By the time they’d stripped off their sandy sweatshirts, tossing them in a careless pile on the porch, Sarah shivered with either nerves or anticipation, she couldn’t tell which.

“Cold?” Concern shadowed the rugged lines of Jon’s face as he cupped his hand under her chin.

“No, I’m fine.” The spring night had turned cooler, but that wasn’t why goose bumps covered her arms. “I’m ready to go in, though.” Apprehension vied with mounting excitement as she took a last look at the stars before opening the door.

His hands resting lightly on her sides, Jon followed Sarah into the beach house, with Ryan trailing behind. Candles lined the mantle in the living room, thin tapers the color of the spring sky, and vases of yellow tulips shone with eerie beauty in the candlelight. Sarah sank onto an oversized pillow and grabbed a frosted brownie from the plate on the coffee table.

If she focused her full attention on dessert, maybe she could avoid thinking about tangled, naked limbs. Could almost forget the fact that it might not be Jon’s face she looked at as she climaxed, that Drew or Ryan’s hands might cup her ass while she came. Realizing she’d bolted down the brownie without savoring the rich chocolate, Sarah licked the crumbs off her fingers. So much for the power of chocolate over sex.

“Not so edgy now?” Celia handed her a glass of wine, pausing to trail a finger along her jaw. Her amber-brown eyes full of mischief, she leaned forward until waves of black hair framed her face. Then, without warning, she brushed the faintest of kisses across Sarah’s cheek, eliciting a shudder of recognition. “Of course, the night’s still young.”

Wineglasses in hand, Ryan and Jon settled on the rug, one on each side of Sarah. Not a good sign. On an average night, Ryan would curl up with Celia, and Ethan and Drew would snuggle up together on the couch, leaving her with Jon—where she belonged. This wasn’t going to be an average night.

Devilment flashing in his clear blue eyes, Drew reached out and caught Celia before she could dart back to the kitchen. “Hey, Ethan, you’re on your own in the kitchen. I’ve captured our hostess, and I think I’ll keep her.” He maneuvered Celia onto the couch beside him, and keeping her pinned with one arm, he leaned forward to grab a brownie.

Laughing, Celia made a show of trying to wiggle free, smudging her wrist with chocolate frosting in the process.

“Hold still.” In a gesture that crossed the line from flirtation to foreplay, Drew lifted Celia’s hand to his mouth, licked away the smudge of frosting, and nipped and suckled the sensitive underside of her wrist.

“Hey, quit bothering the hostess.” His grin softening the reprimand, Ethan set a platter of sliced fruit, cheese, and crackers beside the brownies.

Ryan grinned wolfishly at Celia. “She looks pretty happy to me.” As he sipped his wine, he shifted his knee so it rested against Sarah’s thigh, the casual contact enough to evoke a barrage of sensual memories.

Swirling his wine in its glass, Jon patted the floor beside him and motioned for Ethan to join him—at which point Sarah’s pulse kicked into high gear. Celia and Drew seemed content to explore each other’s mouths on the couch, and if Jon ended up with Ethan tonight, that left her with Ryan.

Not an average night, but not all that unusual, either. Given the group’s web of loyalties and attachments, over the years she’d gotten to know Ryan’s body almost as well as Jon’s. She might be more standoffish than the rest of them, but the thought of Ryan’s strong hands on her ass sent a current of heat through her belly.

With a sigh of contentment, Ethan stretched out on his side beside Jon, his arms curled around a throw pillow and his head resting against Jon’s leg. For a moment everyone was quiet. The candles cast shadows across the ceiling, and the curtains shifted as the wind picked up. Celia got up to shut the windows as the first, fat drops of rain pelted the screens.

As the room closed around her, snug and warm, Sarah leaned back against Ryan’s chest. But when Drew got up and blew out all but one of the candles, Sarah’s heart skipped a few beats, and she reached instinctively for Jon’s hand.

Formulating the beginnings of several credible reasons to flee the gathering and return to a world where her small town sensibilities applied, she clung to Jon’s hand like a lifeline.

“It’s up to you, Sarah. If you’re not up for this tonight, we can either go upstairs together, or head home. No pressure.” Leaning forward, he pushed her brown curls out of the way and kissed the soft spot behind her ear.

“We want you to stay. You know we do. No one’s going to do anything you don’t like.” Celia’s voice was gentle, coaxing, and her hair pooled around her face in a raven-black cloud as she tilted her head toward Sarah.

Moving slowly so as not to startle her, Ryan brushed the tips of his fingers across her nipples. “Stay, Sarah. Please?”

Hell, it didn’t help that Ryan made puppy dog eyes at her, his baby blues all childlike innocence. Jon, on the other hand, had eyes full of heat and wanting, dark green and dappled with smoky shadows, and she didn’t have the heart to disappoint him. Glancing around the room at her friends’ faces, softened by candlelight but nonetheless unmistakably hungry, Sarah took a few deep breaths and released Jon’s hand.

Drew settled back beside Celia on the couch, and as Jon reached across the coffee table to stroke Ethan’s arm, Sarah felt her heart beat tighter against her ribs at the sense of expectation in the room. Captivated by the two men, their faces outlined in the pool of light cast by the remaining candle, she jumped when a lash of rain pelted the windows.

“Are you okay?” Ryan’s voice crept through her senses like warm honey, his tone as intimate as an embrace.

Trying to suppress her edginess, Sarah settled back into his arms. “I’m fine.”
“That’s more like it.” His breath warm on her cheek, Ryan slid his hands behind her back and pulled her down beside him on the rug.

With Ryan’s arms draped around her and her face pressed into the soft cotton of his t-shirt, she felt safe. Other than the rain pelting the roof, the only sounds were low sighs as Drew and Celia explored each other’s bodies.

When Ryan tugged Sarah’s shirt loose from her pants, she lifted her arms so he could pull it over her head. Her skin twitched as he traced lazy circles on her belly, weaving a trail of sensation across her skin.

“What about this?” he asked, tugging at her silky black camisole.
“Not yet.” Despite the dim lighting, she hesitated to bare herself in front of the group.

You could take the girl out of Idaho, but you couldn’t take Idaho out of the girl—not even after dozens of nights like this over the years. Sometimes, she wished she could leave her inhibitions behind once and for all. But as Celia pointed out, overcoming her natural reticence was half the fun.

Not afflicted by Sarah’s shyness, Celia tugged off her shirt, shed her bra, and toyed with the zipper on Drew’s jeans. In her mother’s words, Celia was “a negative influence.” For this, among other things, Sarah adored her brash, irreverent friend more than she could say. If ever there was someone who’d needed—hell, make that craved—corrupting, it was Sarah.

When she glanced in Jon’s direction, he winked at her, and her answering blush shone hot enough to be obvious in the dim light. His jeans rode low on his hips, and for a moment she felt the slightest twinge of disquiet at the thought that someone else would have their hands on his tightly muscled ass tonight.

“You with me?” Ryan pulled her close so she could hide her face against his shoulder, and she reached up to touch his soft, brown hair. “Here, let’s try this. Lie down with your head on the pillow.” Easing her onto her back, he nudged her camisole out of the way and nuzzled her belly button.

“That tickles.” Sure, tickled in a way that had heat pooling between her legs, and her hips arching involuntarily off the floor.

“Relax.” He licked damp trails across her belly as she squirmed under his mouth. When she murmured something about being cold, Ryan grabbed one of the beach blankets Celia had piled on the rocking chair, and knelt to spread the old quilt under and around her.

“Look.” Ryan gestured toward the sofa, where Celia and Drew sat naked except for panties and boxers. Their dark heads were pressed close together, and Celia’s skin shone like porcelain against Drew’s golden tan. “Pretty, aren’t they?”

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Your book sounds lovely

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Your story will be a fantastic read Eden.

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Thanks, Hollie :-)

Your book sounds lovely

Eden Rivers
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Thanks, Bec :-)

Your story will be a fantastic read Eden.