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Shelley Munro
July 20th, 2008, 04:42 AM
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The Romance Divas annual Not Going to Conference Conference will make you feel a bit less deprived! Amazing workshops, a star-studded guest list and awesome giveaways, all on the Diva forum (http://forums.romancedivas.com/index.php?act=idx)! Don’t miss it!
Wednesday, July 30

Paula Guran, Editor, Juno Books
Q&A on Creating Kick a** Heroines

Laurie Rauch, Editor, Samhain Publishing
Workshop on What Happens After the Contract (aka Editors are People Too!)* (http://forums.romancedivas.com/index.php?showtopic=35957)

Thursday July 31

Joyce Hart, Hartline Literary
Q&A on Inspirational Romance Stories and the Inspy Market

Sandra Schwab, Historical Romance Author
Workshop on Historical Accuracy and Anachronisms (http://forums.romancedivas.com/index.php?showtopic=35958)

Friday, August 1
Yolanda Sfetsos, Author of Guarded by Stone
Q&A on Paranormal and Urban Fantasy World Building

Katie MacIver, KatieDidDesign
Workshop on Website Design and Color Selection (http://forums.romancedivas.com/index.php?showtopic=35959)

Saturday, August 2
Joey W. Hill, Erotica Author
Workshop on Plotting Erotica and Erotic Romance (http://forums.romancedivas.com/index.php?showtopic=35961)

Rhonda Stapleton, Editor and Author
Workshop on Style and Voice

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Excited yet?
How about if I list some door prizes?

What Gwen said” mug donated by Gwen Hayes (http://www.gwenhayes.com/)
3-chapter critique of a YA by Simon Pulse author Rhonda Stapleton (http://www.rhondastapleton.com/)
3-chapter critique of a YA, chick lit, or rom com by Golden Heart Finalist Amanda Brice (http://www.amandabrice.com/)
An ebook of your choice from Nell Dixon’s (http://www.nelldixon.com/) backlist
An ebook of either Second Sight (paranormal romance) or Dragons’ Choice (fantasy romance - dragon-shifters) from Debbie Mumford (http://www.debbiemumford.com/)
Ten dollar Amazon gift certificate from Jodi Henley (http://www.jodihenley.blogspot.com/)
Lush stuff from Seeley deBorn (http://seeleydeborn.wordpress.com/)
e-book copy of Chasing Shadows from Erin Richards (http://www.erinrichards.com/)
Paperback copy of Iron Horse Rider OR Smiling Eyes from Adelle Laudan
Book thongs from Angeleque Ford (http://www.angelequeford.com/)
3 chapter critique from Sela Carsen (http://www.selacarsen.com/)
winner’s choice of ebook copy of “Not Quite Dead” or “Heart of the Sea” by Sela Carson
e-book copy of HEATWAVE by Eden Bradley (http://www.edenbradley.com/)
e-book copy of BREAKING SKYE by Eden Bradley (http://www.edenbradley.com/)
a box of goodies, trade and paperbacks, bath products candles, etc… All for a fun and relaxing home spa day treat. courtesy of The Midnight Moon Cafe (http://midnightmooncafe.blogspot.com/)
1 download each of Natasha Moore’s (http://www.natashamoore.com/) Samhain books, The Ride of Her LIfe and The Passion-Minded Professor
a copy of “Painted Soul” by Mary Quast (http://www.maryquast.com/)
e-book copy of HER CINDERELLA COMPLEX by Jenna Bayley-Burke (http://www.jennabayleyburke.com/) - Samhain
e-book copy of PAR FOR THE COURSE by Jenna Bayley-Burke (http://www.jennabayleyburke.com/) - Samhain
e-book copy of FOUND by Jenna Bayley-Burke (http://www.jennabayleyburke.com/) - Wild Rose Press
e-book copy of NIGHT OF INSPIRATION by Jenna Allen (http://jennaallen.blogspot.com/) - Phaze
e-book copy of ON AGAIN by Jenna Allen (http://jennaallen.blogspot.com/) - Phaze
$10 gc to Amazon from Kendal Corbitt
ebook Vampire Oracle: Harmony by MG Braden (http://www.mgbraden.com/)
Ebook ARC, Art of Sensuality by Jax Cassidy (http://www.jaxcassidy.com/)Plus a lovely bar of wonderful Chagrin Valley hand made soap, Caramel Pralines jar candle, handmade jewelry, Tarot readings, a Lush box for European Divas/Dudes, a $10 fictionwise gc and much more!