View Full Version : Receiving "The Call" and Conference Woes

Ericka Scott
July 29th, 2008, 04:35 PM
Before I hear squeeing from coast to coast, it wasn't THAT call. It was the call from my daughter's physician's office notifying me that her medical procedure was scheduled for Friday morning, 8/1.

We discovered her condition on 31 May. She had a myriad of tests over a couple of days, then we saw a neurosurgeon. He assured us he would have her fixed up in two to three weeks. Imagine our surprise when he handed off her case to yet another neurosurgeon after three weeks. Then we had to wait for that neurosurgeon to come back from his vacation to tell us her condition was much worse and that more testing needed to be performed. This was the first week in July and we were again assured that the diagnostic procedure would be performed in two to three weeks. I've come to the conclusion that these doctors paid far too much for their education as they haven't a clue how many days are in a weeks!

Two weeks ago, we broke down and called to find out what was up. We found out that paperwork that should have been filed weeks ago had "just" been filed. And I could see the writing on the wall. I had high hopes that the procedure would be early this week but no...it's on Friday.

We took the appointment as did't want to put it off any longer - those two to three weeks were killing me! I don't wait well. And it wasn't doing anything for my daughter's peace of mind either.

Unfortunately, this meant one thing...the RWA national convention was officially out of the picture for me. I've been looking forward to going for two years now, saving every penny I could to afford the trip. All for naught. I didn't cry until I started unpacking my suitcase.

So, for all of you going to the conference, enjoy it! And if you see Nora Roberts - wave hello to her from me.