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December 3rd, 2006, 09:14 PM
For some gardeners, the colder weather is a signal to begin planning for the holidays - decorating, making gifts, baking, and cooking cold season favorites. What traditions do you have this time of year?
One tradition I have enjoyed over the past few years is making potpourri. Since this time last year, I've dried nandina berries, orange peels, flowers, and herbs for next week's "friendship potpourri." For me, this really kicks off the holiday season, because I always leave potpourri weekend with warm memories of a great time with friends and at least a dozen gift bags of homemade potpourri, teas, and culinary mixes to share with others.
What's a Gardener To Do Come Winter?
Read, write, dream, plan, organize! Whether you're looking up information on the internet, reading a gardening magazine or book, taking an on-line course, attending a lecture or class, or putting your garden plans down on paper (or on the computer), there are many wonderful ways to learn about gardening. Use this winter to find the answers to your gardening questions - it'll give you a head start next spring.
Winter is Training Time for Master Gardeners
Have you considered becoming a Master Gardener? If you find yourself wanting to learn more and more about gardening topics, the Master Gardener program might be just what you're looking for. Master Gardeners are part of the Cooperative Extension Service at your state's land grant universities and colleges.
Throughout the U.S., Master Gardeners trade hours of training for hours of volunteering on community garden projects. The Master Gardener program is a great way to learn and to meet other gardeners. Don't wait to sign up. If you're interested, contact your local extension office now to find out how to sign up for training (that usually takes place during the Winter).
If you are unable to locate your county extension agent, send me a note (support@Gardening123.com) telling me where you live (county and state) and I'll send you contact informaiton.
November's Garden Photo Album
We've added lots of great photos for you to enjoy in November. To have yours included in December's photo album, send them, before Thanksgiving to: support@Gardening123.com (support@Gardening123.com), use "Garden Photo" as the subject line, and attach your photo.
Happy gardening!
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