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December 10th, 2006, 12:08 PM
OK MULTI TASKING... the scourge of us all... yet we all have to do it with deadlines of one sort or another that are always coming up... tell us some of the ways you organize yourself and tips or tricks on how to successfully multi task and still make your deadlines and maybe anything around the house or those errands that need running with doctor appts, kids and cooking dinner.
As you know I am a reviewer here along with a few other interesting things I have been given along the way. I found out from the beginning I needed to organize the data needed for our reviews somehow and be able to keep track for when we need to double check that info and be able to send out our posted reviews. My tip was to put everything on an index card. That way I had it in format with all the info I needed to find if I did not have it and on the back the review names and email addresses to be sending it to. This way I can file it from those I am working on, reviews sent in for editing, those that are now posted and need to be sent out to be notified and lastly for our reviewer's choice pick of the month. With a little index card box and plastic tab pages I can keep it all organized and separated and have 1 pack of 100 cards in the box ready to be used for this. Another thing is if we need to do research and find any email addresses or physical street addresses for our files we can do that too. Just take a blank card and go online and do your research, if you need to email sites for whatever you need that is fine, once you get an email back with the info write it all down then submit it to who you need to for processing. Whether it is another reviewer asking for help on an address or for the group site files.
Anyway that is my suggestion.. mine is CTR related but this is for anyone to use to help others get a trick or tip to manage the little things.

January 1st, 2007, 04:35 PM
Did you check out the Organizational area? Mary E. has some GREAT ideas.

Maybe if we ask nicely she can give us some hints on multi-tasking!