View Full Version : The Contract by Zena Wynn

September 15th, 2008, 06:36 PM
I love futuristics and wrote one. The reader reviews seem to be mixed. Some love it, some like it and some rated it poor (on Fictionwise.) Tell me what you think.

The story revolves around Cecily, who's young and naive. She married Billy, her first love, came to him a virgin and thought they'd live happily ever after, just the two of them.

Enter Nardo, Billy's older brother. His wife died, and due to a clause in a contract that they all signed, Nardo has the legal right to claim Cecily as his wife, which he does. He has compelling reasons to do so, but the most important one is that he's fallen in love with her.

Cecily is forced to grow up fast. She never wanted this to happen, had prayed that it wouldn't. It's driving a wedge between the two previously close brothers and she's forced to play peace-keeper between the two while dealing with her own feelings of what's happened. Things get interesting when they both decide to fight for her love the only way they know how -- in the bedroom.

It's a case of sibling rivalry as two brothers fight for the love of the same woman. See my website www.zenawynn.com (http://www.zenawynn.com) to read an excerpt. It's currently available at Phaze and Fictionwise.