View Full Version : True Mates by Zena Wynn

September 15th, 2008, 06:44 PM
I have a paranormal shape-shifter series that I'm writing called True Mates. Book one released in January 2008 from Loose Id. It deals primarily with werewolves, but there's a vampire, a werebear, a werecat and any other were-creature I can think of in the coming books in the series.

Each book stands alone but are connected because they share a community, and some of the characters reappear in other stories. I've been blessed that True Mates is selling well. It received great reviews and I still receive letters from readers telling me how much they enjoyed it.

In November, book two of the series is being released from Phaze. If you love stories about soul mates, men who are willing to go all out to capture the women they love, and women who aren't afraid to speak their mind, you'll love this series. For more info, go to www.zenawynn.com.