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Jane Toombs
September 22nd, 2008, 12:10 PM
I'm Jane Toombs, a happy Champagne author who should post more often. At the moment I'm writing as fast as I can to finish the sixth and last book in the Orphan Train series--The Outcast--due out in November. Never thought I'd get to be a caboose. My most recent book from Champagne is The Dark Lighthouse, a tale of love and danger set on California's northern coast. Though I lived in San Diego and the San Joaquin Valley in California, until I visited that north coast I never realized what a dramatic show the Pacific puts on up there. It made a natural setting for the wild emotions and escalating suspense of my story. And I love lighthouses. Where I live now, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the south shore of Lake Superior, we have a Historical Society who owns the village lighthouse and keeps it in shape. At present, no one but preservation organizations such as this can buy discommissioned lighthouses. But once anyone could. Now back to the laptop to get chugging on with Jenenna, my half gypsy outcast, who is currently trapped in the throes of love, even though she's just fled from the man who loves her. Jane