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September 25th, 2008, 08:43 PM
Shhh…step quietly as we enter the throne room. We dare not disturb the Duchess in our quest to interview author, Rhonda Lee. There she is…sitting over by the iron candelabra, penning her next story as we approach.

*Whispers* Hi Rhonda. Thanks for giving us a few moments of your time to talk about The Duchess.

Rhonda: Hi! *glances nervously over her shoulder then lowers her voice* Hi, it's my pleasure, truly.

EP: Many of us have a fascination with the middle ages, is that a time period which fascinates you? Why did you write in that time era?

Rhonda: It's always fascinated me; in fact, I suspect that fascination is what drew me to fantasy novels (my first love, even above erotica) and dungeons and dragons, which I used to be quite addicted to. I lived in England for a while, once upon a time, and before I moved people said I would "get tired" of "all that stuff" once I was surrounded by it, but they were wrong. I became even more enraptured.

EP: Did they really have BDSM back then? Some people think of that as a relatively modern concept.

Rhonda: Really? I've never heard that before, but yes, they really had BDSM back then, though perhaps it wasn't called that; kinky people have existed in all time periods. In recent years, however, BDSM has become far more socially acceptable than in the past, perhaps that's where the perception of it being modern has stemmed from.

EP: The Duchess sounds like a woman who knows what she wants. How much of Rhonda is in her?

Rhonda: Rhonda is definitely a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, so that part she may very well have inherited from me. *Laughs* Other than that, I could tell you how much of the Duchess is me, but then I'd lose that "Is she or isn't she?" mystique, and I rather like it.

EP: The cover of The Duchess, which is awesome by the way, surprised me. What’s your impression of it? I love the covers Dawne' Domininque does for Eternal Press.

Rhonda: It is exactly what I asked for so I am incredibly happy with it. It was a wonderful experience to work with Dawne', she asked me what I wanted, I told her and she made my wish a reality. It doesn't get much better than that. I'm a fan, can you tell?

EP: How the heck do you plot an erotica story? It sounds so dry to think about writing an outline for one.

Rhonda: Outline? What is this outline of which you speak? The closest thing to an outline I had for The Duchess was a 'cheat sheet' that listed all the characters names, hair colors and physical descriptions. I don't even outline when I’m writing stories with more complex plots, at least not on paper.

EP: Will we be seeing any more of the Duchess’ ‘adventures’?

Rhonda: I hope so. I'm planning to write the sequel of The Duchess sometime in the near-ish future. I think the next one will be from a single point of view, however – that of her husband. I bet you can't guess the title ;)

EP: Does your mother know what you write? If so, does she read it? ;) (again, you don’t have to answer this one…just trying to be funny)

Rhonda: My mother does know what I write and she does read it. Kim? Kim? Oh, phew, I thought you were going to faint for a second there J I think it's safe to say my mom prefers stories I write in other genres over the erotica ones, but she reads them all and tells me she loves them. That's what I want to hear from her, I have critiquing partners to point out what needs work, my mom's job is just to be a fan, which she does well.

EP: I have to ask this one…let’s say The Duchess is being made into a movie. What actress to you envision playing her? The Duke?

Rhonda: Oh wow, I hadn't actually given this any thought and it's a trickier question than you might think. I think Jack Nicholson would make a good Duke, as for the Duchess... I deliberately wrote the story giving her only a scant physical description so that the readers could fill in the details from their imagination, so I think I'm going to pass on picking an actress for her.

EP: Why do you write erotica? Why not other genres (or do you write in other genres and if so, which ones)?

Rhonda: Why I write erotica is a bit of a long story, you comfortable? I'll give you the short version.

Once upon a time I used to do softcore fetish modeling. I used the pictures that resulted from the photoshoots to create an amateur website featuring me, and then to fill in the content I started writing short erotic stories. Eventually I quit building porn sites but I used the reputation I'd developed in the industry as being a good writer, to create a new career for myself writing stories and copy for other people. Thus, writing erotica is my 'day job' and my hobby.
It's not the only genre I write in, however. In fact, because it's my day job when I find time during the day to write for myself as opposed to a client, I tend to chose to write something other than erotica. I don't want to burn out on it.

In fact, Eternal Press is publishing one of my fantasy stories as a Coffee Break Selection in 2009. It will be published under my real name, Rhonda Parrish, so keep your eyes open for it.

EP: Is there anything you would like to add or talk about that we haven’t covered?

Rhonda: Anyone who enjoys my stories should check out my blog http://www.midnyte.ca I often have contests and intend to continue posting excerpts and book reviews as much as I can find time for.

Thanks Rhonda, for giving us some of your time. We’ll try to sneak out of here as best we can. You have a key to the dungeon manacles if we get caught don’t you?
Here’s all the info on Rhonda Lee’s latest story from Eternal Press. Check it out.

The Duchess
by Rhonda Lee
ISBN 978-1-897559-32-1
Heat Rating: 5 flames
With the Duke always away on business, what is a Duchess to do? How about entertain herself by teaching some of her loyal subjects a few new tricks? What starts out as a passing fancy to keep amused, soon becomes an all-encompassing obsession that takes on a life of its own. As more and more people become playthings in the Duchess' voyeuristic and sadistic game, it becomes clear that even the Duke himself isn't safe from her machinations!
"Don't you want to touch me Ferrin?" she purred, extending one curved fingernail and letting it trail across his shoulder. It caught upon the rough homespun fabric of his shirt and stuttered its way across his back. Each tiny jolt resonated throughout his entire being.
The Duchess paused, stopping directly in front of him and looking at him with that now familiar quirked eyebrow. "Yes what?"
"Yes I want to touch you."
A feral smile spread across her lips and he dropped his gaze to the ground, ashamed of himself, of his lack of willpower, but unwilling to take back the words he'd just spoken.
At that precise moment she knew she had him; he was hers to do with as she wanted—whatever she wanted. Whatever she dared. The possibilities made butterflies erupt in her stomach and her pussy tingle. It straightened her back, added steel to her voice. The purr vanished and her words became sharp, crisp commands. Ferrin had given up any chance of wielding even the slightest bit of control in this situation.
"Then touch me peasant."