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September 25th, 2008, 09:09 PM
Grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat. Today we're chatting with one of Eternal Press's erotica authors, Eric Erato. We're going to discuss his writing along with his Eternal Press release, Cult of Submission. Thanks for Coming Eric.

EP: Cult of Submission is another sizzling story with a heat rating of five flames. Definitely not something for the young. Please tell us a little about this bdsm erotica story?

Eric: It’s about a beautiful, stubborn young newspaper reporter who is fascinated by a mysterious cult and its powerful leader. She decides to go undercover to break the story of the manipulation, control and sexual depravity being practiced at this cult, and she falls deeper than she ever imagined. She is drawn to the leader and his practices, and torn between her duty and her desire.

EP: This story is told in first person with the reader taking the part of Lucy, a reporter on the prowl. How difficult was it to write in first person? Did it make the sex scenes more difficult to portray?

Eric: I always write in first person. I believe its is the most natural way to hear and understand a story. When the narrator of a story is also a participant, readers learn about the psychology of the narrator by what she chooses to tell or leave out of the tale. Narrators are inherently untrustworthy, and I think that makes reading their stories more nuanced and interesting.

However, this is the first story I wrote in the voice of a woman – in this case a strong woman with submissive tendencies. Lucy’s persistence and vulnerability were very important to the story. I asked several female writers to read and edit my take on her expressions and point of view. They helped me overcome my natural tendency to feel the story from a man’s point of view.

EP: The man who crosses Lucy's path is described as a mesmerizing satyr. Would you tell us a little about him?

Eric: He is a tall, lanky, handsome professional business leader who can seduce his cult members into doing whatever he asks. Think of the most intelligent, manipulative, charismatic corporate CEO or politician or hospital director that you can imagine, give him an unlimited sexual appetite and hundreds of loyal followers, give him virtual control of an entire suburban county, give him officers and farms and factories to play in, and you have this character. Now focus him on our small but fiery heroine, and you have some elements of this story.

EP: Is the cult in this story based off of a real one? How did you research it?

Eric: This cult is not real. I studied religious cults in college and have taken a special interest in them ever since. I am fascinated by the power that a cult leader gains and maintains over his followers, and by the psychological and physical manipulations he uses. Frequently cult leaders are hyper-intelligent but underachieving cast-offs from society. They create an “us-against-the-world” mentality, using their past humiliations to drive control over their group.

For this story I imagined a cult leader with much better basic social skills. Someone who would be attractive to today’s professional people. If you look carefully in today’s business culture, you find mini-cults of self-fulfillment build around certain charismatic authors and speakers. I just took that culture a step further and sexualized the leader’s passion and power. The leader in this story is somewhere between Tony Robbins, David Koresh, Jack Welsh and Rasputin.

EP: When did you first decide to become a writer? Is there anyone who inspired you?

Eric: I have always written poetry and stories, and have published much more business-related non-fiction lately. I started writing a novel more than a decade ago and that exercise proved to me how much I enjoyed creating and exploring characters.

Only in the past two years have I written erotic fiction, first as an exercise to explore my own feelings and philosophies on the subject. Now I simply enjoy stories more when they contain an erotic component. I like the interplay of control between two strong and passionate characters who have a complementary sensual nature. I enjoy exploring, along with the characters themselves, as they find what they need in the new partner. This is why I have been drawn to writing the “First Night” series – the exploration of first serious erotic contact for an interesting couple.

EP: Do you have anything you'd like to say to people who are critics of erotica?

Eric: I have great respect for all readers and I hope that each one of us is able to find a fiction that appeals to us. However, I hope that we can also be open to recognize that our preferences will not meet the deep intellectual and emotional desires of all readers. We need to recognize that the world contains pain and passion, eroticism and betrayal. It is unrealistic to think that people will ignore these impulses, especially when practiced between consenting adults.

EP: Besides the erotic parts, this book has a bit of danger in it for Lucy. Can you give us a hint?

Eric: Even before she goes undercover to infiltrate this cult, Lucy understands that they seem to control most of the law enforcement where they live. There is danger in disguising yourself to enter the belly of the beast. As she later learns, Lucy has no idea what these people are capable of doing to her.

EP: Is there anything you would like to add?

Eric: Stay tuned as the First Night series continues to develop. Cult of Submission has been my most ambitious entry yet, but I am currently writing Jazz Hands about a pianist and his especially ardent fan. Later entries include one based in halls of the U.S. Congress.
I am working on the concept for a modern mystery novel based in a wildly erotic bdsm relationship.

EP: We appreciate you dropping by today. Please leave us with where we can find you on the internet. Webpage? Blogs? Myspace? Book trailer? Goodreads?

Eric: I post on LiveJournal as Eroserato, and you can find some fiction and erotic essays there. I alsohave a MySpace page as Eric Erato, and I am on the erotic romance message boards in Yahoo Groups..

Cult of Submission
First Night Series
Eric Erato
Erotica BDSM
Novella: 22,000 words $4.95 Heat Level: 5 flames

Lucy’s fascination with a powerful cult drives her to quit her job as a newspaper reporter and infiltrate its inner sanctum. As she draws closer to the handsome and charismatic leader, becoming the object of his bizarre sexual rites, Lucy is both attracted and repelled. But most of all, she is afraid.
Can she escape with her life, or will Lucy fall deep into the grip of this mesmerzing satyr and his fanatical followers?
I allowed my thoughts of Turnquill’s strength to flow like the water and mist over my body, imagining him instructing me to touch myself. The scent of lavender had been a subtle undertone when I entered the bathroom, but now grew overpowering, seeping from the steam and the soap and the walls themselves. Feeling lightheaded and aroused, I pressed a coarse and foamy loofa roughly against my skin. Lingering with the sponge, I rubbed it across my erect nipples and shivered with each abrasion. I thought of Turnquill grabbing my hair, twisting my nipples and taking the kiss that he wanted, then taking whatever else he wanted, his hands rough and brutal as the sponge. My head fell back and my lips parted, knowing the loofa would start working against my most tender parts soon, feeling him on me, over me, and being swept away with the sensation and the lavender and the fantasy.