View Full Version : "Bite Me" Hehe

Saturn Moonie
September 27th, 2008, 01:04 AM
Every thread I stumbled across today was about Halloween, paranormal, and vampires, lot of vampires. The more I read, the more aroused I became. Not necessarily sexually aroused (well that too, hehe) but more like I was being consumed...like I was on a vampire high. Hehe, so this is my way of dealing with it. Hope you guys like it.

I bathe in your shadow,
under the moon's soft glow.
Waiting for a glimpse of your eternal soul
A soul so black
I cower in fear...
And delight
At all the possibilities you arise within me

I wait with bated breath
Neck exposed
For the feel,
The thrill
Of your cold merciless fangs
As they rip through my flesh,
And take hold of my essence.

And all I do
Is whimper in anticipation
As I see the blood of the innocent
Drip heedlessly onto the ground
As I become one with the night.