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Sara Reinke
January 31st, 2007, 02:27 PM
If you're like me, you hesitate to buy a book from an author you're unfamiliar with, because you don't know if you're going to like them or not. I've decided since I can't go door-to-door introducing myself and my books in person to prospective readers, I'll do the next best thing -- I'll give you a book FOR FREE!

I'm pleased to present HEART'S RANSOM, a novel-length historical romance in PDF format, available now and absolutely free through my website: www.sarareinke.com (http://www.sarareinke.com). Beginning last fall, HEART'S RANSOM was available as a serialized book told in weekly chapters, but now the story has officially finished its serialized run, and I'm offering readers the opportunity to download the entire novel in one PDF document!


In this swashbuckling, seafaring, romantic adventure, Kitty Ransom, daughter one of the most celebrated captains in the English Royal Navy, is abducted by pirates and finds herself an unwitting pawn in a seafaring game of cat-and-mouse. To make matters worse, the longer she is held, the more Kitty finds herself drawn to her captor -- and the less against her will her circumstances seem.

When Rafe Serrano Beltran finally has the chance to seek revenge against John Ransom, the legendary "Hawk of the High Seas," he seizes it. A physician by trade, and unwilling pirate by honor bound, he agrees to kidnap Ransom's only daughter. How could he have known she was blind? Or beautiful? Or clever enough to find the pair of manacles hidden in his shipboard stateroom -- the pair without a key? Or that once inadvertantly chained to her side, he might not want to leave?

Here are some of the glowing reports HEART'S RANSOM serial subscribers have offered this story:

"Thank you for taking me out on the best sea faring adventure I've yet to be on. It plays on so many emotions and is truly touching." (Member Sellyme)

"This has been a wonderful time in the pirate era! I enjoyed every little bit of it!" (Member taa2s)

To enjoy HEART'S RANSOM for yourself, just visit www.sarareinke.com (http://www.sarareinke.com) and click on the "Free Stories" link. Then prop up your feet, sit back and relax and hit the high seas!

February 1st, 2007, 11:05 PM
Thanks Sara!:clap: