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November 22nd, 2008, 11:30 PM
<img src="http://www.kmtolan.com/wwcover.jpg" style="float:right" width="200px"/>For those of you with a leaning toward science fiction, I would like to present an excerpt from my newest novel Waiting Weapon. Here, we have our main character, Rick, meeting with his female counterpart - both of them being aliens raised by humans. You'd think they like each other...


You can read the entire first chapter free at www.kmtolan.com (http://www.kmtolan.com)


His center of awareness in the universe shifted.

“Only dead leaves answer an empty wind,” came a light voice in the melodic Me’Aukin language.

An olive-skinned young woman walked in behind them. She was small by human standards, but stood eye-to-eye with Rick. This was no ghost. Rick could practically taste the swirling eddies behind her thoughts. She wore an off-white wool sweater with brown leather lapels and cuffs that matched her tailored pants. Jet-black hair curled along a delicate jaw line, giving her a disarmingly fragile appearance. Rick knew better than to make that mistake in judgment.

Like his, Jamie’s eyes were a deep ebony. They focused on him over a narrow nose, her expression no less intense than his own awareness of her. He noticed the moment of hesitation between her breaths. The subtle working of muscles along her throat. The intensity of her presence was stronger now than he ever remembered. The scientists at the Institute called it an empathic awareness. He called it stifling back then, and it had just gotten worse.

Rick took a mentally clearing breath. “Ma’thell.”

“Ma’thelsa,” came Jamie’s more cautious greeting. “I didn’t expect to see you before I left.” She glanced at Andrea. “Problems at the site?”

“Nothing to be concerned over,” Andrea replied, her expression quickly smoothing into what seemed a well-practiced pleasantness. “Going back to Corven?”

Jamie’s lips curved in an equally perfunctory smile. “Leaving shortly, as a matter of fact. I’m resuming my studies in political science at Lake Austin as ordered. Actually, I think Father’s nervous about having both Rick and me on the same planet.” Her eyes bored into Rick, her mind seeming to dig even further. “Still pretending to be human?”

He stiffened. “Are we going to pick up that old argument again?”

Jamie shrugged. “Don’t be offended. When it’s politically convenient for the Colonel, I pretend to be his daughter.” She turned to leave, and then paused. Rick was not sure if the shudder was physical or emotional. “Have you heard them?” she spoke once more in Me’Aukin. Her long fingers brushed against her temples.

Rick swallowed, her comment piercing through his guard to confirm that those whispers he had heard were not to be dismissed as an overactive imagination. He searched for something to shield his surprise with, and found nothing.

His startled reaction brought genuine relief to her face, not the mocking grin he expected. “As I thought. Was it the whispers that chased you back, then?”

November 23rd, 2008, 05:35 AM
Sounds great Kerry.

November 23rd, 2008, 08:55 AM
Sure it's going to be a best-seller, Kerry! :)