View Full Version : Mud Licker - Coming In 2009

Elizabeth Black
December 11th, 2008, 03:07 PM
Coming soon from Circlet Press! My story "Mud Licker" will appear in the "Like A Myth" anthology, which will be released in 2009. The story is a hot and sexy romp based on Japanese folklore. Suffice to say this odd little horny creature lives in bathrooms, and cleans them up - with his two foot long tongue.

Imagine what else it can do with that delicious tongue, and you have a good idea what happens in my story. :)

Once it's out, I'll post buy links.

Here's an excerpt:

His fingers found her clit, and pressed around it in tight circles. She looked over his shoulder, and was surprised and a bit alarmed to see the akaname watching her! It skulked at the open door, crouched on all fours, its tongue lolling around its ankles. Pressing her index finger to her lips to silently tell the little creature to not make a sound, lest Hitoshi discover it, it nodded its head. With that long tongue between its legs, it looked like an old, sunburned man leering at her, wanting to stick that tongue where Hitoshi's fingers probed. And I would let it if it asked. It drooled so much while watching her writhe on the bed as Hitoshi rubbed her pussy that a puddle of spit gathered at its feet. As it watched her, it jerked against the doorjamb. Why was it jerking like that? A quick look at its hands answered her question. The little pervert was beating off!

Once she saw its erection, she knew she wanted it inside her. Her pussy tightened and warmed at the sight. Damn, she was getting horny watching the creature get its rocks off watching her! At least a foot long and as thick around as a bratwurst, its dick was covered with nubs and ribs. With a head that glistened with a milky, oily liquid that might have been semen if it were human, its dick looked like one of her favorite sex toys, the vibrator with beads, ribs, and nodules along the shaft. What would that dick feel like inside me? She rocked against Hitoshi's hand as she watched the creature stroke that delicious, thick cock. Its long tongue curled like a party favor, and then uncurled to land at its feet. She wanted to feel that wonderful tongue on her pussy lips, driving her wild.