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January 15th, 2009, 07:08 PM
So i thought I would post this here, my first solo short story, Becoming Persephone, is available at ARe!

BUY NOW (http://allromanceebooks.com/product-lovesimmortalpantheonbecomingpersephone-13711-144.html)

Story one in the Fated mistresses trilogy.

Invited to the Eros Festival, Drea encounters many people calming to be gods, including Hades, a man that makes her body burn. Hades pursues her, but it isn't as easy as a normal hunt and chase. There are obstacles in the way, sexy, horny obstacles that want to keep them apart... and Drea has to decide... a night of meaningless pleasure at the hands of the gods, or a lifetime beside one, and only one, as Persephone.

And guess what? Its only 1.99! So check it out and Let me know what you think! I'm super excited that I FINALLY have something out on my own!