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February 9th, 2007, 05:25 AM
hi i am disha from india...i like reading books and like to write poems and stories.i have wriiteen a small story.you can read and tell me that you like it or not.


It was the time when I visited pune for giving my exams, my pg exams, I decided staying at one of my friends place, her flat was at warje (a place in pune city)we were staying in 3rd floor. till that time I only heard about love, but never felt it but i was very excited about the ultimate feeling, thinking about love and having a boyfriend filled me with energy, I was a very bubbly kind of girl roaming here and there laughing. As I was there for exams I was busy studying. there were buildings side by side in rows’ , I mostly sit at terrace to study as no one was there to disturb me.....and it was a nice place with a beautiful view as our colony was in a height. one day when i was sitting there, I felt that someone is gazing me, I looked here and there, I didn’t found anyone at terrace, but suddenly i looked in front , there was a building in front of my terrace and a boy was sitting there with a book in his hand. he was looking at me but when i looked at him ,he stopped looking. then it became his habit. we both came at our terrace looked at each other then pretend that we are not looking.....after that i became curious to know more about him...that who he is he, why he is looking at me,etc. then one day i saw, he is trying to explain me something but i was not able to make out. then i paid attention, and saw he is trying to explain his ph num.i noted it after huge difficulty. and thought should i call him or not. after sometime i thought i will call him ,he was holding his phone in his hand and when i called he jumped with joy. we chatted and after chatting him for first time i felt a attachment from inside he was a simple guy with sweet smile and sweet voice..we chatted a while and i told him that next day i was going back to my place.he said he will come to station said ok.the next day i went station he came there to meet me.i found him cool. we met formally. and then i left. but from that time i started talking to him we have regular chats on each topic....we talked for hours.he was searching for job that time.soon he got job in a good place. and he moved there.we were from same city,so when he came home we started meeting.our relationship started becoming stronger...i visted pune again ,this time he came to meet me.we lived there for 3 days together. those days were the beautiful days of my life.we were plannig that what we should do next. as were in deep love. the main problem in ours was he was younger then me.....and of different caste also. and my family was planning to get a good match for me.i said whatever decision you want to take ,u have to take it fast.he tried to convience his family but they were not ready ...so it was a tough time for both of us.i asked him last time that what we have to do.he kept quiet so i understood what is his answer.i went home quietly and said to my parents that i am ok with what they have decided.and the next day i got engaged.inspite of loving each other too much.we have to seprate..though i got married but my love for him is stll the same and i know he also loves me as before but its destiny that we are not together....may be this is what god wanted for us.but i am sure in next life we will be together

February 9th, 2007, 08:44 PM
Well depsite teh spelling and grammer. I still understood and I think it was good. I bet it would be a good novel. Velcome here. hope you enjoy

February 12th, 2007, 06:01 AM
Well depsite teh spelling and grammer. I still understood and I think it was good. I bet it would be a good novel. Velcome here. hope you enjoy
thangs for your appreciation, ya i know their are grqamatical mistakes i will try to improve.well its really a very long story but i have tried to make it short...but i am curious to write in a refined way..the whole story but dont know where to post it free.can u suggest some sites.i do write poems about love friendship.

March 4th, 2007, 04:59 PM
Welcome. This was a good read. thanks for sharing.