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January 28th, 2009, 09:01 PM
To the mods: please feel free to reject this thread if one already exists on the subject of angels.

I consider angels to be paranormal angel.gif. Some people believe they are mythical creatures, but others like me believe in their existence in one form or another. I know I may be spoiling my own book by talking about this...but I wanted to have this discussion. Different authors have their own take on angels; in particular fallen angels. Do they lose their wings when they fall from grace? Are they inhumanly beautiful? Do they have special abilities? Can they turn evil and become a demon?

In my novel A Rose to the Fallen, I put my own spin on fallen angels. When they fall, they come to Earth and are "reborn". By reborn I mean they're born human...but not quite. They're actually superhuman because they have exceptional hearing, speed, strength, and rapid healing abilities. Although the angel in my book is very beautiful, I don't believe they're all extremely attractive. They look like everyone else on the outside. Also, they can fall willingly or get cast out.

Another spin I put is that when they fall, they lose their memory of what they really are. This causes them a lot of confusion and alienation growing up because they don't understand the powers they possess. If they are in the presence of someone who is dying, that person may reveal their true form. But the dying person has to say the words. Something along the lines of, "You're an angel." Only then will awareness come to them and their memory will return. And like I said, only the dying person can see them. If there are other people around, they'll probably think, "Aw, that's sweet." They probably wouldn't believe the dying person actually saw a real angel.

The Fallen can't see each other. So one fallen angel won't recognize another of their kin. I thought it would ruin the secrecy if the Fallen were freaking out all over the world when they see others of their kind. "OMG! You have wings! What are you?!?" "Hey, you have them too!" See what I mean? And yes, the Fallen keep their wings and they're usually the conventional white or gray. The wings are hidden to human eyes and our awareness. So if you invited a Fallen to your house, his wings wouldn't knock the vase off the end table. LOL!

They are not immortal. Since they're still human...they age and eventually die. And when they die, they leave their human body and return to where they came from. Lastly, they are able to affect the atmosphere around them. My character can affect the weather when he's feeling an intense emotion; usually lust, grief, or extreme rage.

In my book, the heroine shares a soul with a Fallen so that adds even more paranormal activity such as a mental and emotional connection to her. He can hear her soul speak. It's actually her voice in his head. And he can speak back to her soul but only in her sleep where they converse on another plane of reality. When she wakes, she either doesn't remember or she thinks it was a dream. This soul connection between them causes one of the conflicts in the book. At first she thinks he's just very in-tuned with her, but later it begins to frighten her because she realizes he can hear her thoughts. The heroine herself is 100% human so she doesn't inherit any special ability.

Are there any authors here who wrote about angels in their books? If so, what traits did you decide on and why?

January 29th, 2009, 12:27 AM
I don't believe we have a thread on angels April, so I think you're okay. Even if we did, I don't think the posts would parallel each other at all.

You've put a whole new spin on angels than what most people think. I like the way you've described yours too. It's very imaginative. :biggrin:

January 29th, 2009, 10:02 AM
Thanks Dani! I appreciate that. I hope others find it interesting when they read my book.