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February 25th, 2007, 01:52 AM

Romance for a Lover's Soul

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Secret Truth at Dare Ranch is a tender moving story that pulls at the heartstrings. Exceptional characters, raw emotions, and a stimulating plot will keep you captivated with this tale from beginning to end. I loved how Ms. Gorman gave the hero sensitivity, and although strong, he could still have tears in his eyes. These characters have layers that you get to see as they are peeled back one by one. An intense, loving, and absorbing read.

Coffee Time Romance

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Sheriff In Her Stocking

An Erotic Contemporary Story!

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When beautiful, plus-sized Delaney Moore is dumped by her latest boyfriend for a skinny woman a week and a half before Christmas, she decides to forget the holiday all together and spend it driving to New York City where a job awaits her as a window display designer for a major department store.

Delaney has never been lucky in love. On her way to New York from Seattle, a snow storm strands her in the small town of Avery, Montana and she is rescued by the local, sexy sheriff, Rick Mateo Cruz. After meeting Rick and spending the night in the only available room—a jail cell—Delaney believes her luck is about to change.

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Cursed With Love

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Detective Nick Morelli lost his wife, but he can’t seem to let her go. He buries his heart in work, and tries to avoid emotional entanglements. Now, he’s been assigned to a plum case – tracking down a jewel thief amidst Denver’s posh elite. The only clue is a pristine white feather, signature of an infamous thief known only as “The Dove.” His prime suspect is Cullinan Benedict, the owner of a local antique shop.

Assistant District Attorney Hope Benedict and her brother Cullinan are the children of The Dove, who died several years ago. Though Cullinan is innocent, they know the truth about the ancient healing amulet – that is, it’s cursed, with love. Anyone giving the amulet to a wife or a lover will die a violent death. They must protect that secret and others and see the amulet returned to Scotland where the curse will be broken.

From the first minutes of their meeting, Nick and Hope feel a powerful attraction. To get romantically involved would be a severe conflict of interest because of Cullinan’s status as a suspect. Also, protecting Cullinan and the secret must come first. Still, Nick and Hope must work together, and as their passion increases so does the danger – from the real thief, an organized crime lord with a terminal disease who will stop at nothing for the amulet that can cure him.

To read an excerpt of Cursed, with Love, click here (http://www.loose-id.net/CGCWLex.aspx).

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Eppie Award Finalist

Wolf island

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When proper school teacher Abigail Chapel learns that her sister Miranda has disappeared while hunting ghosts on mysterious Wolf Island, she leaves behind everything she knows to find her.

Devlin Morgan, the reclusive owner of Morgan’s Keep, poses an obstacle in her search. He turns away her inquiries, and the villagers, who respect their “sovereign” resist her as well. Worse still is her own attraction to him. Especially once she begins to suspect he’s involved with her sister’s disappearance, and the mysterious “Chiming Ghost”.

In order to unravel the mystery of her missing sister, she’ll also have to untangle Devlin’s dark past, discover the truth about the “ghost”, and decide whether to trust the passion in her heart. Whatever happens, she’ll be a changed woman when she leaves Wolf Island.

To read an excerpt of Wolf Island, click here (http://www.loose-id.net/CGWIex.aspx).

<center> </center> <center> </center> <center>Praise for the writing of Cher Gorman

Wolf Island</center>
Wolf Island is full of fascinating characters who entice you to turn the page to see what happens next.

-- Sue Viders, co-author of The Complete Writer’s Guide to Heroes and Heroines

From the first pages of Wolf Island, author Cher Gorman grabs hold of the reader with a spooky tale filled with plot twists and surprises that will keep you up all night.

-- Becky Martinez, author of Love on Deck (Wings E-press)

Cher Gorman makes a dark and passionate debut with Wolf Island. Great characters, solid storytelling. Definitely an author to watch.

-- Sage Grayson, author of White Rage (Changeling Press)

Rich in detail, Cher Gorman’s Wolf Island brings gothic mystery back in style with a story that will keep you reading long past your bedtime.

-- Lucynda Storey, author of Simply Irresistible (Loose Id)

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