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Deanna Jewel
March 2nd, 2009, 11:02 PM
Hi everyone....if you've visited my website, you know my next manuscript is titled 'Fire on the Water' and takes place in England in 1778. It involves shipping, pirates, sword fights, romance, balls, castles, kidnapping, Alpha males, romance. Are you an Anglophyle? Love everything English? Let's hear from you. smilies/cloud9.gif

Deanna Jewel
June 27th, 2009, 03:58 AM
I've changed the title of Fire On The Water to be: No Turning Back. My hero gives the heroine several chances to say no to his advances before he proceeds and she says nothing, but...allows the advances. Are they trying to heal each others wounds and forget their own past?

Now you know I can't give you that much information! Tsk, Tsk.....what kind of author spoils the story for her reader. I've probably said too much already. You can read a few chapters though at www.writing.com/authors/butterfly55_55 (http://www.writing.com/authors/butterfly55_55) if I've caught your interest even a little.

I'd love to hear from you so come back and leave me a comment!

Deanna Jewel
November 8th, 2009, 06:19 PM
As much as I hate to admit it, I will not make my personal goal of having NO TURNING BACK out by Thanksgiving but I'm sure shooting for Christmas! I have the cover art finished so you can take a look at that on my website. Want more info on me? Join my reader group, the link is also on my website.

I've changed the time for chats on my website (see the chat tab) and I will now be there on Monday nights while the football games are on, so ladies, if you're interested in chatting or just popping in, please join me on Mondays at 6:00 PST/9:00 EST - I'd love to see you there!

Deanna Jewel
April 2nd, 2010, 11:56 AM
YES!! No Turning Back will be released on April 5th! I have posted a few chapters at Book Buzzer for those who want to know more about my yummy hero, Nathan Clairmont, Duke, sea captain, and a one woman man! mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm! Read for yourself then send me an email with YOUR thoughts on Nathan!

thank you for your support - help to be in the top 5 at Book Buzzer! Please tell your friends about No Turning Back.

I also have a new newsletter, check my website (below) for signing up!

Deanna Jewel
April 18th, 2010, 06:52 PM
I've started the next novel which will include a lighthouse because I love them and a ghost because they intrigue me. Their spirit is usually stuck here for a reason and my ghost(s) is/are no different. He won't rest until the heroine is romantically attached to the man she is meant to be with.

I've not decided exactly WHO the ghost is. I could easily pull in the characters from No Turning Back and have Nathan be the ghost and the hero be Nathan reincarnated. If you've not read my first novel, that story also was about reincarnation, which fascinates me as well. Then wondering who my hero would look like would be taken care of.

Should I use the same likeness of Nathan as my hero for the ghost/lighthouse story? I'm curious to know what your thoughts are. Please leave me a few comments here. I'll check back later to see what you thought. :smilingsun:

Deanna Jewel
June 5th, 2010, 11:41 PM
The new novel is moving along well and I've made a few more decisions regarding: the hero, heroine, location and ghost.

We are bringing back, sort of, Nathan and Vanessa, (from No Turning Back) because I just can't let go of him yet. So, Nathan is the ghost in the abandoned lighthouse and will do his best to bring together his reincarnated counter parts so they can eventually realize who they are. The story is contemporary and you'll have to visit my website (http://deannajewel.com) to find out more about where it takes place, along with a few other details about the story.

I hope I've peaked your interest just a little so that you continue to visit me and see what I'm up to. I'd really like to hear from you but though some of you are popping in, you're all too shy to leave me a note. Please don't be shy! I want to hear from you....does this story line start the intrigue?


June 24th, 2010, 01:40 AM
After seeing that pic of Nathan, you have definitely intrigued me. Throw together and alpha male with an English accent and some romance and I am there. For some reason lately, I have really started liking the whole English 'thing'. :)

Deanna Jewel
June 24th, 2010, 01:58 AM
Hi yad! You're over in Pasco! Hi neighbor! No wonder you're still up! LOL Thank you so much for stopping by.

Isn't Nathan good looking??? hehe That look in his eye got me as soon as I came across his picture. Now for more news...I actually found out his real name and he lives in London no less! I about lost it when I read that. There has to be karma going on somewhere for the guy I pick for a hero to actually live where the story takes place! I'm waiting for him to answer an email I sent!

Again, thank you for popping in and maybe will see you Thursday!

June 24th, 2010, 02:07 AM
Ya, hiya neighbor!!!

I am definitely a night owl :)

OMG... You were totally left a karma calling card. You have to let me know if he responds to your email!!

I will be here Thursday, see you then!

June 24th, 2010, 02:41 AM
Sounds good Deanna.

June 24th, 2010, 11:33 AM
Sounds really good. I haven't read any pirates before. Sounds interesting. I love everything you put in the first post. england, castles,etc. On the last two post I enjoy ghost stories too. They are hard to find though.

June 24th, 2010, 12:47 PM
This sounds really good. I love historicals especially England, Scotland, Ireland and those HOT Vikings....:swoon:

Deanna Jewel
June 26th, 2010, 01:32 PM
I'm sure you've read the posts below. For those who want to get in the mood to read this new book when it's released, I'm posting a few links on my website. The link is under my name so go take a peek. I hope the links will help you see some of the local sites and will allow me to share some of what I found to get ME in the mood of the story.


Enjoy the links and have fun, visit my website as often as you like to enjoy them. Muuuaaaahh!


Thank you so much for checking in. I'm moving all future postings to my Contemporary tab so please hop over there to read more! Please feel free to post your comments about the upcoming story in the Contemporary tab!

June 27th, 2010, 08:02 PM
Thank you!!!
Sue B

Deanna Jewel
May 12th, 2012, 10:35 PM
To find out more about my CURRENT work in progress, pls click HERE (http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/board/showthread.php?t=14251) to be taken to the Contemporary Thread and read more about Whispers at Ghost Point!

Thank you for your interest!