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May 7th, 2009, 04:25 PM
Hello, hello. LYD's current Featured Author Jane Bled here. I have a
mxm vampire promo (including an excerpt) to share with y'all. It's got both blood and bite. Enjoy!
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Title: MASTER Book 1: Crimson (1st installment in The MASTER Series)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054- 328-9
Length: 67,000 Words
Genre: M/M Dark Fantasy / Erotica
Rating: Supernova

Story Blurb: World-famous actor Gabriel Colin desperately wants to
recruit Raiden, a beautiful singer, to co-star in his upcoming film.
Beneath the angelic façade, however, Raiden harbors a deep
secret—and a sharp set of fangs. Little does Gabriel realize what
he's getting into…or the price he will pay for his obsession.

Excerpt (Rated PG-13 for violence, horror, and adult themes):

The Turning

Gabriel moaned. His subconscious reminded him what part of the memory
came next. He tried one last time to block the recollection' s
reemergence. For a few moments, he seemed to have succeeded. Everything
stopped. The noises, the images, the sensations…his brain underwent
a total mental black-out. This is what it's like to die. He felt not
a single defining emotion except relief. Embracing the darkness, he
surrendered himself to its stillness and waited for his body to release
him. Please, just let me go. I don't want to stay. I just want to
close my eyes and—

"Shhhh, it's okay. Just close your eyes."

The darkness gave way to light. Ghastly, searing light.
Light that blinded Gabriel with its garish fluorescence, light that
penetrated his inner vision so deeply, all he could see was the

afterimage of red.

"Just close your eyes."

The crimson hue was all around him now, filling him to the
brim, stifling him with its insistence, mocking him with its promise of
life after death. Sights and sounds rushed by him on a high-powered
stream of consciousness. Raiden. The last piece of the puzzle fit neatly
into place. He remembered. Just…

"Just close your eyes."

That voice…he knew that voice only too well. Those canines,
glittering, sharpening, dripping trails of his own blood onto dry
patches of skin…he couldn't even draw enough breath to scream.
So tight, his lungs were so tight, and the car's insides were so hot, so
hot and close; the smell, the death-smell, it was oozing from his pores,
and he couldn't stop it. Then Gabriel was begging for his life,
begging with his last breath as the miasma of decay rushed inside his
nostrils like a line of cocaine. He sagged helplessly against the seat,
a victim of its toxicity. Briefly, the blackness enshrouded him. Then a
sound—wet, slow, and ragged, brought him stumbling back to the
surface of consciousness. As his eyes refused to budge from their
tightly shut position, his other senses worked in overdrive to
compensate for his lack of sight.

Following close on the heels of the ripping noise was a
smell—something like pennies and ammonia mixed together. That
scent—thick, greasy, noxious—came closer. Gabriel realized the
source of the odor was the body next to him. Blinded by panic, he
clamped his mouth shut, nearly severing the tip of his tongue between
his teeth. A scream bubbled inside his throat, but it burst harmlessly
before it had the chance to escape. Something steaming and rank landed
on his cheek; he felt the warmth of a limb, possibly an arm, against his
jaw. He tried to move, only to discover that he could not even coax his
hand to form a fist.

In a last desperate attempt, he tried to force the arm away with his
mind, but still it came closer. He choked on tears as his penis
threatened to shoot projectile piss into his luxurious leather pants.
Scalding, slippery skin branded his lips upon contact and he parted them
in surprise. A trail of metallic saliva coursed down his chin, molding
the fiery flesh to his mouth in the process. Then, he was drowning in
blood. A powerful hand held his heavy head firmly in place as the
proffered fluid rushed down his throat. Gagging, he attempted to vomit,
but his muscles took on a life of their own and convulsively coerced him
to swallow.

Though one side of his brain screamed in protest, the other
side convinced him that maybe if he drank more, he would somehow manage
to stay alive. Acting on pure survival instinct, he relaxed his throat
to receive the steady stream of blood trickling down its incline. The
figure above him muttered meaningless encouragement in his ear as
Gabriel blindly sucked the scarlet liquid.

"That's it…don't stop, Gabriel. Let it fill you up."

At last managing to open his eyes, Gabriel broke into chills when he saw
the speaker was hungrily watching him feed. There, in the confines of
the car, in heat of the dark, Raiden met his shocked stare. Gabriel
tried to tear his mouth away from the wrist from which he willingly
drank. Before he could manage, however, an almost electric vibration
assaulted his mouth and throat. The sensation invoked a desperate,
unforeseen desire within him and he didn't want it to stop. His
teeth instinctively slammed further into the soft flesh. Eagerly, he
gulped down the fresh blood that pooled into his mouth. Raiden threw his
head back with an agonized cry as the suction on his wrist increased,
pulling Gabriel's hair in the process. An army of goosebumps
attacked his entire upper body at the pleasurable pressure inflicted
upon his scalp.

Everything seemed to simultaneously move closer and go farther away;
then, he noticed Raiden was prying his wounded wrist out of reach. The
tang of blood dulled as the appendage withdrew; a frown wrinkled
Gabriel's expressive forehead. Shocked, he realized that the taste was
something he had begun to crave. All thoughts of reason vanished and he
grabbed hold of Raiden's arm with sudden strength, baring his teeth
and BITING, tearing the wound deeper. There was only base feeling, only
brutal force, only blood flooding him with torturous bliss, wakening his
senses in ways he never dreamed possible—and he wanted more.
Suddenly, he climaxed in his pants, teeth sinking deeper and deeper into
Raiden's wrist.

"Gabriel, STOP! You're taking too much, oh, God, oh FUCK…"

With a shudder, Raiden wrenched his wrist free and retreated to the
opposite side of the car. Growling, Gabriel reached for his shirt to
pull him closer, but something broke his hypnotized state, stilling his
motions. Molten warmth was oozing down his neck; the pain he had
forgotten to feel had returned full-throttle. Trembling, he stuck a
finger to the side of his neck. For a moment, he was confused. Where he
should have felt smooth flesh, there were instead two tattered
indentations. He experimentally poked a finger into one of the holes.
With a gasp, he withdrew his finger and held it up to his face. In the
dim lighting, the digit was covered to the second knuckle in
purplish-black slime. Gabriel sniffed it, fear in his heart.

"Don't worry, it will heal soon enough."

Raiden's words held no comfort for him. Feeling his sanity
faltering, Gabriel brought the dreaded finger to his mouth and
administered a tiny lick to it. Blood. His blood. Blood dripping steady
drops down his neck. Blood staining his shirt. Blood coating the top of
his tongue. Blood all over him. Before he had the chance to process this
information, a sound momentarily diverted his attention. Slowly, so
slowly he could hear the tendons in his neck creaking like rusty hinges,
Gabriel turned his numb gaze toward the noise.

Raiden was utterly absorbed in the task at hand—so absorbed, in
fact, that he didn't even notice the purring sounds originating from
the depths of his throat. He was too busy licking the wound in his wrist
as a cat laps up milk, the other hand grasping the fabric of his shirt
as if he wanted to tear it off. Gabriel couldn't look away. Even as
his gorge gurgled and struggled to rise, even as his head seemed to
shrink like a deflated balloon, even as his neck nearly melted away from
his the rest of his body, he couldn't force his eyes to break free
of their frozen gaze. The most excruciating ache he had ever known split
his vision in two, but Gabriel still couldn't move.

In fact, he was so paralyzed by pain; he didn't even feel the
wetness further soaking his semen-stained pants as his bladder silently
emptied. Raiden opened his mouth wider, perhaps to allow his tongue more
access to the wound, and then Gabriel saw them again. Those razor-sharp,
dripping fangs stilled the breath in his lungs. The vampire happened to
flick his eyes upward to meet Gabriel's. When Raiden saw the
expression on his victim's face, he almost snickered.

Gabriel wasn't even aware he was screaming until the sound
had already left him.

Escaping from the nightmare in the only way he could, the newborn
vampire opened his eyes.

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