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Kate Hill
May 17th, 2009, 09:50 PM

Menage a Tasia by Kate Hill
(Erotic Science Fiction M/M/F)
From Ellora's Cave


Drago, a special agent for the Drapers, was orphaned due to the cruelty of the Laetez. His hatred of that alien species makes him the perfect man for his current assignment. He is to infiltrate a colony of Laetez slaves to stop their alleged plans for escape.

After undergoing conversion treatments that supply Drago with Laetez characteristics, he infiltrates the colony as a crossbreed slave. He uses lust and friendship to earn the trust of two irresistibly sexy slaves, Tasia and Staff. With them, Drago experiences a physical and emotional connection he never dreamed possible.

Due to the conversion testing, Drago is becoming Laetez. He now feels human-Laetez emotions, including their carnal passions. As love overcomes his hatred, his objective is no longer clear. He must decide whether or not he wants to fulfill his duty or sacrifice himself to secure freedom for his lovers.


Finally reaching the barrier, he stopped and stood, panting. Sweat trickled down his face and streaked his gorgeous chest visible in his unzipped shirt. She noticed bruising on his ribs and a jagged wound on his arm.

"What happened to you?" she asked.

"My pod crashed a few miles away. It's wrecked. I'm lucky to be alive. The pilot's dead."

"Where were you headed?"

"To the Shandbha Colony. If my calculations are correct, this is it."

"You're right." She studied him for a moment. Gazing into his strange, exotic face, she thought that while he was ugly as sin, there was definitely something intriguing about him. Maybe it was those jewel-like gray eyes that stared into hers, calm yet unreadable. There was strength in those eyes. Slave or not, this wasn't the kind of guy who took shit from anybody.

"Are you going to let me in or not?" he asked. "If you don't, things are going to get ugly. My security chip is due to reactivate in a little less than an hour, so I need to reach the overseers as soon as possible."

Tasia removed her stun pistol and punched the code on the barrier.

He stepped inside and she aimed her weapon at him. "Remove your backpack and put it down slowly then turn and put your hands against the fence."

He did as she ordered and she saw dark blue marks on the back of his right hand. A Draper ancestral tattoo. Usually only pure-blooded Draper children were marked in such a way as part of a family rite.

Tasia stepped closer and frisked him. Though she tried to remain impartial, it was pretty damn difficult. This guy's body was as tight and hard as it looked. He had broad shoulders, lean sides and legs like long, shapely steel. Heat emanated from him and he had a sexy scentómusky and virile yet slightly herbal. It was funny how Drapers had a deficient sense of smell, yet they usually smelled great.

She slid her hands up his waist again, thinking it would be nice to see him out of these clothes.

"Satisfied?" he asked, turning his head to stare at her with those intense gray eyes.

"What?" she demanded.

"Are you satisfied that I'm unarmed?"

"Oh." She felt heat rise in her face and stepped away.