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Elizabeth Black
May 25th, 2009, 10:24 AM

This is my first free read short story. It's entitled "Maneater", and it's
erotic horror. This story also includes illustrations done by Gary A.
Gabbard. I'm very happy with the story and the illustrations. So,
enjoy my very first free read! You may find everything you need
at this link, including the cover art, an excerpt and the link to
the PDF file:


Here's a brief excerpt. I had an absolute blast writing this story.



He stared at the way the dress hugged her form, and because he
couldn't help himself, he lifted the spaghetti strap with two fingers
and slid it back into place on her shoulder. Instead of removing his
hand, he let it rest on her warm skin. The nerve endings in his palm
jumped at the touch, tingling as he let his hand run down the length
of her arm. Eyeing up her body he raised his other hand to rest his
palm against her other shoulder. She's not resisting. Good. I know what
I want, and she knows why I'm here. I'll probably find out what she
knows about Olly, too. Her skin felt warm and moist, sweaty and slick
from the heat. Inhaling deeply he took in her musky scent. His palms
itched from merely touching her skin but he didn't care. He wanted
to feel her, to get inside her, and he knew it was only a matter of minutes
until he got her where he wanted her.

She drew closer to him and whispered in his ear. "First, let's get you
out of these wet clothes. I have a clean towel and I will dry you off."

One by one, she undid the buttons on his shirt until she was able to
slide it down his shoulders. Although he didn't want to stop caressing
her arms, he let go, and the moment he did he saw the red rash on his
palms Where did that come from? As the shirt fell to the floor she
squeezed his biceps, taking his mind off his hands. Her long fingers
dug into his taut muscles, arousing him further with her touch. In
the bright light of the bathroom the welts on his arms looked ugly
and raw. He itched as if tiny little bugs crawled beneath the surface
of his skin, begging to be dug out.

"What happened to your arms?" He had forgotten Haseena stood
next to him.

"The knotweed vines," Darya said as she squeezed ointment onto her
palm. The ointment smelled like wintergreen and lavender. Very
pleasant. "Sap got on him."

She rubbed the ointment onto his forearms, and immediately the itching
stopped. Feeling immense relief with the itch subsiding, he relaxed as
her hands rubbed ointment onto his arms while Haseena massaged the
tight muscles in his back. He melted into her embrace as she pressed her
full lips against his shoulder. Her tongue working his skin, leaving a trail
of saliva along his neck. His skin tingled, much the same way his mouth
tingled when he had licked Darya's fingers at the Barima. Although he
wasn't sure where the sensation came from – or why it came – he enjoyed
it. He didn't care, he didn’t want an explanation. He just wanted to lose
himself in the sensation of it all, especially as they wasted no time getting
down to business, which was what he wanted from them in the first place.