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Christie Gordon
June 15th, 2009, 08:50 PM
A Summer Without Rain
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ISBN: 978-1-55487-231-2
In 1920ís <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:country-region w:st="on">Ireland</st1:country-region>, <ST1:pShannon understands all too well that the love and hunger he feels for his best friend, Ciaran, is forbidden. Heís already shunned by his town and emotionally damaged from enduring painful confessions after a male teacherís molestation at age fourteen. But when he finds Ciaran in a barn, grieving over the sudden death of his mother, a hasty and desperate embrace shatters an unspoken boundary between them. Then, Shannon and Ciaran are sent on a journey to<ST1:p Dublin to bring a family heirloom to Ciaranís aunt. Along the way, a drunken evening leads to an illicit act in a hotel room, confusing Ciaran and forcing them both down a treacherous path of deceit and desire. Can love overcome the obstacles of Irish society, the Catholic Church, and political unrest?
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Adult Excerpt:
Sighing, <ST1:pShannon</ST1:p headed for the stairs. He quickly made his way through the flat, into his room and sat down on the edge of the bed. Placing his elbows on his thighs, he leaned his chest over to let his hands cover his face.
His head was swimming, not only from the alcohol flooding his veins. The discussion with <ST1:pIona</ST1:p about his sexuality, Ciaran getting hurt and now Ciaran saying point blank they were just friends was all too much, overwhelming. Plus, he tasted his beautiful friend again and it drove him mad. His mind flooded with images of what they did at the inn, of how he felt in his palm, of his friendís climax.
His hardened cock pushed against the confines of his trousers. Without thinking, he reached down and ran his palm across the smooth cloth covering the solid flesh, sending a delicious shudder through him. Two days had passed since he allowed himself any pleasure. His desire hummed inside him, yearned for release.
He heard Ciaran in the hallway, fumbling into his own room. He jumped up from the bed and stalked through the hallway into his room. He slammed the door with a thud behind him and watched, panting, while his friend turned around, in obvious shock.
In a flash, his mouth fused with Ciaranís. His kiss was brutal in its quest for flesh, devouring everything in its wake. As it threw Ciaran backward, his arms captured and bound his prey. His hands tore at his friendís shirt, ripping it out of his pants. He thrust his hand underneath and up to ravage the soft skin. His hips shoved forward, pressing his erection hard into Ciaranís hips. Hearing a moan escape Ciaran, he joined him with a sharp gasp. His heart pounded. He craved more this time, as much as he would give him.
His attention shifted to Ciaranís neck. His mouth sucked and licked impatiently at sensitive skin in a track from Ciaranís jaw to his shoulder, reddening it. The hardness of Ciaranís cock thrust against him, through their trousers, while he walked them both to the bed. ďOh, God, I want you, Ciaran,Ē he said in a husky voice through the war he raged on Ciaranís body.
ďYou have me,Ē Ciaran said between ragged breaths. He shoved his hand up between them, making a frantic attempt to unbutton <ST1:plShannon</ST1:pís shirt.
Hard tapping darted from one button to the next, down his chest to his groin. The feel of Ciaranís hands finally doing something to him, even this, made him shiver with desire. A loud moan escaped him. ďKeep going.Ē A raw urgency threaded through his voice.
Ciaran dashed his hands to his friendís belt, hastily unbuckling it while <ST1:pShannon</ST1:p continued to lick and suck with insistence on his neck. His body shuddered from the attention, eyes closing, for a second. He yanked <ST1:pShannon</ST1:pís belt free. Finding his zipper, he plunged it down and hesitated. ďI-Iím not sure, what do I do?Ē
Lost in desire, he drove them both down onto the bed. Ciaran landed on his back and he fell on top of him. While inflicting a steady stream of persistent kisses and supple bites on Ciaranís neck, he tilted his body enough to reach down and unfasten Ciaranís trousers. His mouth ran down over his friendís undershirt, stopping at a nipple, coaxing and biting until the nub hardened through the thin fabric. He shoved his hand into Ciaranís pants.
Moans of building need escaped Ciaran while <ST1:pShannon</ST1:p dove his hand into the moist depths of his groin.
His hand found Ciaranís erection. He pumped precise and steady on his solid cock. Slowing his assault, he found himself wanting to savor every second of their encounter this time.
Ciaran bucked. ďF-faster, p-please,Ē he whined.
ďShhÖĒ He halted his actions all together, having other things in mind. Sitting up on his knees, he peeled his shirt away, flinging it to the floor. He looked down at Ciaran.
Hunger flared in Ciaranís eyes while they roamed his friendís bare chest.
It surprised him to think Ciaran would want him, even with his eyes open, seeing full well he was male. Turning his attention to his trousers, he slipped them down with his boxers to his knees, sat on the bed and removed them. He threw them to the floor with his shirt and gazed at Ciaran.
Ciaranís eyes clearly focused on <ST1:pShannon</ST1:pís erection.
He grinned with sinful intent. ďDo you want to touch it?Ē
Ciaran nodded and licked his lips.
He lay down on his side, next to his friend.
Reaching a timid hand out, Ciaran surrounded <ST1:pShannon</ST1:pís cock with a light touch. As if fascinated by it, he moved his palm softly, elegantly, up and down his shaft.
Moaning, he tilted his head back. Ciaranís touch was delicious, so soft it almost tickled. A shiver shook him and he lowered his head to crush Ciaranís lips beneath his own.
Ciaranís mouth opened and their tongues engaged, probing each other.
Bringing his hand up to Ciaranís face, he caressed his cheek. He pulled away. ďCiaran, I uh, is this okay? I meanóyou want this?Ē
ďGod, Shannon, do you have to ask?Ē Impatience and irritation flooded his voice and washed over his face.
Another grin spread across his lips as he repositioned himself over Ciaranís waist. Reaching across, he pulled his friendís shirt up over his chest, lowering his head into the soft skin of his taut stomach. He licked and teased the sensitive area, causing Ciaranís muscles to flex.
Ciaran placed his hands on the back of <ST1:pShannon</ST1:pís head. He pressed on it, pushing him further down.
When he reached the top of Ciaranís pants, he pushed his slick tongue just under the waistband of his boxers. A deep groan from Ciaran sent a pulse of desire through his body.
It was unbelievable, how much Ciaran affected him. He set his palm on the thin covering of Ciaranís undergarment, over his erection, and with just enough pressure, slid it sensually up and down. His hand stopped to let his fingers feel the lip under the head of his friendís shaft. Running small circles with his thumb in just the right spot, he elicited another drawn out moan and thrusting from Ciaran.
Reaching up, he tugged at the top of Ciaranís trousers and boxers. Ciaranís hips rose to allow him to pull both garments down and off. He sat on bent legs between Ciaranís, letting his gaze roam upward to his friendís exposed groin. He definitely liked what he saw. Ciaranís thick cock made a delicious curve upward to rest at the bottom of his navel.
Taking one quick glance into Ciaranís face, he glimpsed an urgent craving heíd only imagined in his fantasies. His attention refocused on his friendís groin. He surrounded the base of his cock with his palm and lowered his mouth between Ciaranís thighs. He licked slow and sensual up Ciaranís shaft. He wouldnít give him too much, not yet.
Gasping, Ciaranís cock pulsed under <ST1:pShannon</ST1:pís tongue. His hands pressed the back of <ST1:pShannon</ST1:pís head once again.
He took the head of Ciaranís erection into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, tasting the pearl of seed gathered there.
Ciaran pressed harder on his friendís head as if striving to push him lower. ďDamn, <ST1:pShannon</ST1:p, keep doing that.Ē
He wasnít sure if he could hold out. His own erection ached for attentionósomething, anything to lesson the persistent tension mounting inside him. He reached down quickly and stroked himself, relieving some of his frustration. Driving his mouth down hard onto Ciaran, he took all of him inside.