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Veronica Wilde
June 23rd, 2009, 12:00 AM
Woo!! I just sold one of my favorite books ever to Liquid Silver - SOUTHERN GOTHIC. This is the longest erotic romance I've ever written, clocking in at 85K words, and one of my best (in my humble opinion, ha ha.)

It's a M/M/F menage and is full of lust, jealousy, rivalry, murder, ghosts and scandal. A handsome writer with a secret past... A beautiful bartender who moonlights as a ghost-hunter to avenge her lost love's death.... A Hoodoo priestess, a psychic child and a legion of dead teenagers.... Southern Gothic is the story of love lost and found again, of revenge, forgiveness and transcendance.


Thirteen years ago a graduation party went tragically wrong, changing a small Southern town forever. Now every spring, vengeful teenage ghosts unleash a murderous vendetta that no one can stop.

Sutton Pierce, a handsome bisexual novelist with a broken heart, is new in town. All he wants is a secluded place to write his next book and forget the smolderingly sexy boyfriend who betrayed him. He’s not prepared for a spooky onset of hauntings – and he’s certainly not prepared for his fierce attraction to Hadley Barnes, a ghost-hunting bartender beautiful enough to heal his heart and dangerous enough to break it again.

Their fiery love turns complicated when Sutton’s gorgeous ex tracks them down and stirs up illicit passions none of them know how to handle. When their combustible mix of jealousy and lust ignite, a three-way love affair begins that is as intoxicating as it is scandalous. But their happiness is short-lived when the ghosts’ murderous agenda targets one of them.

<O:p</O:pExcerpts to come! </O:p

Veronica Wilde
August 3rd, 2009, 12:32 AM
Since I am now officially in edits..... here's a rather long excerpt. My lead character has just had his cheating ex-boyfriend show up and the ex isn't too pleased to discover he's already found a new love - a woman.

Across town, on the lake, Sutton finished making eggs benedict. They were his specialty, a dish he liked to make on those wonderful mornings that he and Jax could sleep in together instead of rushing off to class or appointments. He added a side of home fries, peppered just right, and brought out chilled bottles of San Pellegrino and orange juice. Breakfast had always been his favorite meal of the day. It was such a lazy, leisurely way to start the day, especially with someone you loved.

Or with someone you sort of loved and sort of wanted to kill, in this case.

He put the Brandenburgs on the stereo before thinking better of it. This was their usual brunch music, uplifting and classical. As the lyrical notes filled the dining room, he wondered too late if Jax would think he was trying to recreate their life in New York.

“I feel sick,” Jax muttered.

Last night Sutton had returned home from his talk with Hadley to find Jax passed out on the couch. He had either drank or cried himself to sleep; Sutton suspected it was a combination of both. While Jax’s sleeping, miserable face touched his heart, it also relieved him. He wasn’t ready yet for the question of sleeping in the same bed, let alone sex. He just needed more time.

“You’ll feel better when you eat,” Sutton told him. He shoved a glass of sparkling water at him. “Look, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Jax gave him a cold glance. “What now? I already found out you’re having an affair with a woman. What else could you possibly have managed to come up with in the last two days?”

Sutton waited two beats. “Ghosts.”

Jax dropped his fork and shook his head. “This confirms it. You’ve gone nuts. Totally, absolutely batshit nuts. Taking up with a slutty bartender and seeing ghosts –"\

“What did I tell you about talking shit about Hadley?” Sutton warned him.

Jax bit back his rejoinder; Sutton could see the enormous effort this cost him. “Okay,” he said at last, taking a bite of his eggs. “Tell me about the ghosts.”

And so he did. Sutton told him everything, from the séance at Grayson Pennington’s house to the story of the tragic graduation party and the deaths that followed each spring. He concluded with his own sighting in the swamps the previous night.

“I know you probably think it’s crazy,” Sutton finished tentatively. “You probably don’t even believe in ghosts.”

“Of course I do,” Jax said immediately.

His ex-lover had astonished him for the second time since arriving. “You – you do?”

“Of course. Plenty of ghosts walk the streets of New York. They’re not all ladies in English castles like on the History Channel, you know."

Sutton tried not to blush. “I’m glad you believe Hadley. She can explain it better –”<O:p</O:p

“Oh, I don’t believe her. She sounds crazy as a loon.”<O:p</O:p


“Come on, Sutton. A town full of dead high school kids seeking revenge? How asinine can you get?”<O:p</O:p

Sutton controlled his indignation. “I thought the same thing at first,” he said in a measured voice. “But these deaths are documented facts, Jax. You have to admit that it strains credulity that every spring a few more people die who were at the party that night.”<O:p</O:p

“Self-fulfilling prophecy.” Jax shrugged, eating more fried potatoes. “Did you make coffee?”<O:p</O:p

“Self what? These people aren’t bringing about their deaths, Jax. They’ve drowned in pools and bathtubs and fallen down the stairs. They’ve died in car crashes and boat accidents and been electrocuted.”

Jax shoved his chair back and stared at him. “Jesus Christ. Three days in Swamp Land and you’ve gone totally native.”<O:p</O:p

“What the hell, Jax! You never used to be so prejudiced! How’d you like it if someone stereotyped you for being mixed-race or being homeless or –”
Then he got it. Jax’s jealousy of Hadley was poisoning him against the entire town – against the entire South, at this moment. It was ludicrous, but then again, he’d felt that same irrational fury against the entire theatre world after catching Jax with Eric. For a few days he’d been convinced that all stage actors and playwrights were treacherous whores.

He stood up and began to clear the table. “There’s no point in discussing this,” he said icily. “You’ve made up your mind to despise Hadley and by extension, me, so let’s drop it.”

“What do you mean, by extension, you? You have nothing to do with this ghost crap.”<O:p</O:p

“Actually, now I do,” he said, enjoying the dawning suspicion on his ex-lover’s face. “Since I decided to write my next book about it, that is.”

Jax’s jaw dropped. “What? You’ve got to be joking.”<O:p</O:p

“Not joking.” Sutton sipped his orange juice, enjoying the shift in power.

“You’re going to write a novel about some Southern urban legend? What are you going to call it, The Haunted Hellhole?”<O:p</O:p

Sutton reveled in his outrage. “It’s going to be non-fiction, actually. That’s what sells these days; nobody reads novels anymore. I’m envisioning something literate but ghoulish, something along the lines of In Cold Blood.”<O:p</O:p

“Oh, so you’re Truman Capote now.” Jax covered his face and began to laugh. “You really have flipped your wig. Capote didn’t go for giant tits, remember? He liked guys.”<O:p</O:p

Sutton merely smiled. “You are so obsessed with her breasts. They are beautiful, aren’t they?” <O:p</O:p

Jax stopped laughing. His eyes glowered with indignation. “Please, as if I’d ever…”<O:p</O:p

“They look even better when she’s topless. Hadley naked is like looking at Venus herself.”<O:p</O:p

Jax’s eyes narrowed with masculine competition. It was gone in a second but Sutton caught it. He leaned forward and stared into his face. “Huh, you really looked jealous there for a second. Are you jealous of her for being naked with me – or jealous of me for seeing her naked?”<O:p</O:p

Anger and embarrassment contorted Jax’s gorgeous face. A low growl built in his throat that swelled to a roar as he rose from the table and shoved back his chair.

“You really have lost your fucking mind. Why would I be jealous over her? Some floozy who – please. You’re probably just banging her because you couldn’t find another fag in this one-horse town.”

Sutton laughed. This was better than he could have imagined. “Why can’t you just admit you were attracted to her last night? She’s drop-dead gorgeous, it’s not a crime.”

“I like fucking men, Sutton. Cock and balls, a nice firm ass. That’s what I like, not some soft girlie body.”

“Oh yeah? Then why did you make a point of telling her last night that you didn’t like to label yourself?” Sutton couldn’t hide his victorious smirk. <O:p</O:p

Jax stared at him with a face darkened by rage. “I am gay,” he hissed. “Or have you forgotten the way I used to fuck you?”

No, he hadn’t forgotten. Jax’s mindblowing sexual maneuvers and thick cock were emblazoned on his memory and replayed daily.

But Sutton only shrugged and baited him with, “Since I met Hadley, yeah.”

With a roar Jax toppled him onto the sofa. He pinned him to the cushions, biting his throat in a rough passion that heated Sutton’s blood faster than the most tender of kisses. Holding him down with his knees, Jax quickly undid his jeans and tugged them off. Sutton’s cock, hard and aching, slapped his stomach. Above him Jax ripped off his own clothes, revealing his muscular honey-colored torso. His biceps and deltoids were tattooed, his flat nipples pierced with small silver bars. Sutton groaned at the sight of him.

“You’re mine, you bastard, you’re mine,” Jax muttered. He yanked off Sutton’s tee shirt, rendering him naked and captive on the sofa. “And I’ll make you remember every reason why if I have to fuck you all day and night.”

“Promises, promises,” Sutton taunted breathlessly. Pure lust coursed through his bloodstream like an electrifying chemical.

Jax only laughed humorlessly, rolling him over to push him facedown into the cushions. He spread his thighs with efficient swiftness, grunting as he pulled apart the firm cheeks of his ass. “I’ll teach you who you belong to,” he muttered. “I’m going to fuck the taste out of your mouth.”

Sutton heard the rustle of a condom wrapper and then the hard push of Jax’s cock against the initial resistance of his hole. Oh God, this was really happening. After two weeks of deprivation, Jax’s beautiful body was on top of him again, as fierce and demanding as his hottest dream. His ass received him with a receptive hunger that was oblivious to the conflicted emotions warring within him. We can’t do this, I still don’t know where we stand, I want Hadley. But all those thoughts evaporated under the rising joy that filled his blood and saturated his body with hot, ecstatic pleasure.<O:p</O:p

Megan Rose
August 3rd, 2009, 03:47 AM
Sounds hot. Congrats on the contract.

August 3rd, 2009, 11:38 PM
Whew it sure did get warm in here!

Veronica Wilde
August 26th, 2009, 01:49 AM
Thanks! Got the cover art and will be posting it in a few days.... and to celebrate, here's another excerpt.

An ominous feeling echoed inside Sutton all the next day. Perhaps it was the clotted gray skies hanging over Cypress Creek, or the heavy humidity that seemed too thick even for the mosquitoes. Perhaps it was the fact that his book had come to a sudden stop, all the words jamming up in his head in a convoluted jumble.

Or perhaps it was the fact that Hadley and Jax had fallen asleep on the same sofa last night.

After the investigation, Hadley had come back to the lake house with them. With great tenderness and concern she fussed over Jax’s black eye, applying ice packs and stroking his hair until Sutton wanted to bellow with rage. Why the hell was she being so nice to her rival? Didn’t she care about him, Sutton, anymore? Ever since Jax had arrived, he had turned into the Invisible Man. It was a lot like what had happened in <ST1:pNew York, Sutton thought—his fame and glory eclipsed by Jax’s unexpected rise to the top.

Fuck if he was going to let it happen a second time, and with Hadley no less.

Last night he had brought out a bottle of Jack Daniels to lighten the mood. Jax had done too many shots and passed out on the couch. To his surprise, Hadley had curled up next to him to “make sure he was okay.” Sutton couldn’t believe it. They finally had a chance to hit the mattress, just the two of them. But Hadley told him she felt too guilty to have sex with Jax just a room away.

Go back to New York, you goddamn interloper, he said silently to Jax.

Of course today Jax’s black eye only made him look sexier. He had those kind of looks, dark and sultry, that were exacerbated by looking like he’d been in a street fight. Goddamn kid, Sutton thought tenderly, looking at him on the couch.

Soft, strong arms slipped around his waist from behind. “I miss you,” Hadley said.

Her words lightened a load he hadn’t known was in his heart. He let himself relax back into her. “Then maybe you should have slept in my bed last night.”

He hadn’t intended the words to sound so petulant and snide. As Hadley’s arms dropped away from him, he regretted his tone. But she merely took his hand and led him to his bedroom. Sending him a significant glance, she quietly closed the door. Then she pulled off her pink t-shirt and dropped it on the carpet.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “How about we get in your bed right now?”

He wanted to deny her. He wanted her to understand that he wouldn’t be taken for granted, that he was where her priorities should lay... not with his ex-boyfriend. But as she placed his hands on her breasts, that electric heat surged through him, and he roughly pulled off her bra.

He threw her on bed, enjoying the bounce of her breasts. She slid her hands into her own shorts and bit her lip, watching his eyes for a reaction.

He swallowed, his cock stiffening in record time. He was on the bed a second later, crouched over her as she masturbated beneath him.

“Don’t stop,” he ordered. “Make yourself come.”

This lust swarming his senses was something different. It was harder and more animalistic. No woman had ever made him feel like this, commanding and hungry and dirty, as if they just might go somewhere wilder than even his imagination had taken him. He unbuttoned her shorts and yanked them down to her knees, the sight of her fingers deep in her pink, wet flesh almost making him come right there.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Now, before Jax wakes up.”

“Um... I’m already awake.”

Both of them froze as they looked up to see Jax in the doorway. He was staring at Hadley as if he’d never seen a naked woman before.

“Do you mind?” Sutton snapped. He didn’t know if he was angrier at Jax’s intrusion or at the fact that Jax was awestruck by Hadley instead of him.

“It’s the people from last night,” Jax said. He still couldn’t take his eyes from Hadley. And Sutton couldn’t help noticing she was doing nothing to cover herself. “They’re here and they said they wanted to go over the evidence.”

“You mean Wolf and Alicia?” Hadley struggled to pull up her shorts. “Oh, damn. I did tell them to come by to go over last night’s footage.” She groped for her bra.

Sutton’s cock throbbed mercilessly. He wanted Hadley to lie back down and spread her legs for him and he wanted Jax to walk up to the edge of the bed and unzip his jeans, taking out his dick for Sutton’s mouth. That was exactly what he wanted, Jax in his mouth and his cock inside Hadley, and just the thought burned up his nerves like a liquefying meteor.

Hadley finished dressing and rushed out of the room.

“So sorry to interrupt.” Jax snickered but beneath it, his voice was choked.

Sutton pulled on his pants without looking at him. “Let’s see what turned up,” he said. “I’m meeting Monica later. I know she’ll want to hear what we found.”

He tried to put his burning emotions on hold as he headed into the bathroom. Something had to give in this baffling situation, and he had no idea what it was.

August 26th, 2009, 03:51 PM
OMG that sounds amazing congratulations on it

Veronica Wilde
September 22nd, 2009, 10:12 PM
Oops.... did I forget to post the cover?


Veronica Wilde
January 31st, 2010, 12:39 AM
Woo! Mrs. Giggles gave it an 86. Panned the romance, but liked the horror story enough to still give it a good review.

".... a very engaging horror mystery.... some chills to be had here."

I'll take it!

Veronica Wilde
February 6th, 2010, 11:45 PM
And Coffee Time (http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/southerngothic.html)gave it 5 Cups! :dizzy:

Whoo hoo!