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Jane Bled
July 22nd, 2009, 10:48 AM
Greetings, gang! I may have a slight concussion (banged my head on the ceiling two nights ago--ouch), but I'm still as alert as one can be after consuming two cups of strong coffee.
Anyway...I'm pleased to announce that the book cover for Poison, my yaoi BDSM short story, is up for a New Covey Award! Please show your support for my fabulous cover artist Aoi Shu (http://aoishu.deviantart.com) by visiting the link below and voting in the poll. Poison is Entry #26--to vote, all you have to do is click on the poll button for #26 (located on the lefthand side of the page) and you're done!
http://thenewcoveycoverawards.blogspot.com/ (http://thenewcoveycoverawards.blogspot.com/)

Thanks so much! I'll have pics of my new house whenever we put it all together (we're being lazy). I'll also be posting a detailed blog of my experience in LA at the Hollywood Book Festival Awards (http://www.hollywoodbookfestival.com/winners2009.htm)(in case you missed it, MASTER Book 1: Crimson won for Best E-book!).

Last, but not least, my brand-new, much-improved book trailer for Crimson will premiere this week on youtube. Stay tuned for details!
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