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Amy Gallow
July 23rd, 2009, 11:23 PM
With three books being released in a three month period, the joys of promoting them is exercising my mind.

With print books and magazine short stories, it's simple. The publisher does it. E-books are a different kettle of fish entirely.

In the past, I have followed the standard pattern of excerpts, banners at places like The Romance Studio etc., shared high visibility adds and competitions of various types, but analysis of the royalty statements shows a greater effect from the time the cover lingers on the front page of the publisher's site than any other combination of events. This may change when "The Widow-Maker" is made into a film, but that event lies in the uncertain future and my problem is now.

I've started investigating all the promotional packages offered by various sites and individuals, reasoning that the cost could be shared among the three books, but remain unconvinced of the value on the "cost versus returns" scale. Having started, I will continue until I've assessed everything available before I make any decision, but I'm not hopeful.

At seventy-two, I am less ambitious than most, although I would love the maximum number of people to share the joy I've had in learning to write well enough to be published and an additional income would fund more research trips like the one I undertook for "Snow Drifter".

Conventions and the like are not high on my wish list. I've been to a few and found them wanting in the aspects that interest me.

Am I alone in this?