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August 17th, 2009, 09:09 AM
See No Evil, My Pretty Lady by Miss Mae (available from The Wild Rose Press (http://www.thewildrosepress.com/see-no-evil-my-pretty-lady-p-686.html))

New maid Dorcy Edwards spurns her wealthy employer's attempts to seduce her. When he becomes a victim of the person the newspapers call "Jack the Ripper," estranged son Gareth Davenport returns to London to handle his father's affairs. Dorcy puzzles over what the brooding, handsome heir might be hiding behind his eye patch and black leather gloves. As circumstances unfold to expose the killer's identity, Dorcy's plunged into a nightmare, convinced Gareth is none other than the infamous murderer. But is Dorcy's life what Gareth seeks? Or nothing more easily broken than her heart?

I'd heard wonderful things about Miss Mae's writing and her ability to craft a mystery. When I read this book, I discovered first hand that all of those other people are right. Dorcy caught my attention and had my sympathy right from the beginning of the story. As Gareth showed a gradual softening toward her, I kept hoping Dorcy would look past her fear to find her hero. Every time it looked like she would, something happened to reinforce her fears.

The mystery is just as well-crafted. For much of the story, I couldn't figure out who might have killed Mr. Davenport. Then, just when I thought I had it all figured out, the story took another twist and I was left wondering again.

Miss Mae has written a wonderful story in See No Evil, My Pretty Lady. An interesting cast of characters and vivid descriptions bring this story to life, and the many twists and turns keep the reader guessing until the very end and wondering if there will be a happily-ever-after for Dorcy and Gareth. I highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a good old-fashioned whodunit.

Miss Mae
August 17th, 2009, 10:51 AM
Thank you for this awesome review, E.A. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! :)