October 26th, 2012

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  • October 26th, 2012
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    Mercedes Keyes - Drama Series BOMAW

    The Beauty of Man and Woman - B.O.M.A.W.

    Written by Mercedes Keyes - Collaborator & Editor Lawrence James
    Contemporary - Interracial - Drama Series

    Readers are saying, addictive, realistic, shocking and about time! Finally a drama series that tells it like it is, what it's sometimes really like, to love someone against all the odds. Finally real women you can relate to, and Alpha males that make you sigh one moment; and make you wish to take their heads off in the next. A strong, emotionally compelling drama about what's so beautiful about being a woman, loved by a man. Bomaw doesn't only explore the beauties of man and women, but the ugly things between them as well. Even so, Bomaw will make you laugh, sigh, gasp and yes ... Cry. The people are so real you'll swear to know at least two or more. Most of all, you'll want to keep coming back over and over again, to read more about; Sylvia and her pursuit of peace; Derailed by one Shawn Everett McPherson, who has ideas of his own. This is an ongoing drama series; it is rated R for strong language; rated R for occasional violence; rated R for it's sexually explicit scenes of intimacy. 18 and over is a must!

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