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  1. Hi Karenne, I'm not ignoring your email (about the Indie page) or indeed, neglecting to post the reviews on Goodreads - but I'm on holiday (final trip of the year) and using a dodgy dongle for internet access. I can't send emails and the dongle wont support me opening 2 browsers so it's difficult to put the reviews on Goodreads right now. I WILL post the reviews, but next week when I get back into techno land. lots of love, Grace xxxx
  2. Hi Karenne, having terrible internet issues. I'm on holiday and hoped to be able to recieve emails, but my dongle is playing up. Only intermittant and very slow internet connection. Just to let you know.
    Grace x
  3. HI Karenne, I'm looking for the 'Introduce yourself' forum - the link in the intro message was an 'unknown address.'
    many thanks, Grace x
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