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  1. Thanks Lyn,
    I sent it in the .prc Kindle format.

    Can I beg a vote from you please. My book cover is in the contest for the April cover at Alternative-Read. It is slightly in the lead but anther rival is catching fast. 13 days left to vote. I soooo want to win this. I'm #5 The Unhewn Stone
  2. Hi Wendy

    Yes, you can send me a copy of 'The Unhewn Stone.' I already have a couple of reviews to do (I'm halfway through reading the other one) but send it to me whenever you like and I'll get to it as soon as I can. It might take a while, things are a bit manic at the moment, but I do want to read and review it - sorry I thought things would quieten down, but they seem to have escalated! Glad you reminded me though. My email address is
  3. Hi Lyn,
    Are you ready for me to send you a copy of The Unhewn Stone? If so, I'll look for your email address. Thank you.
  4. Thanks so much Wendy, I hope to be able to have a bit of a breathing space by the middle of next week!

    Looking forward to reading The Unhewn Stone, sounds great,
    Hugs back
  5. Hi Lyn,
    Wow! That would be sensational. Thank you so much. I can wait as long as you like. When you are ready I'll send you a copy of The Unhewn Stone Stone. Hugs!!
  6. Hi Wendy

    Thanks so much for the lovely compliment on my site. If you can wait until next month I'd love to review your book At the moment I'm judging a novel contest and also reviewing a couple of other books but it sounds like a great book!
  7. Just visited your website. It's beautiful. It glistens. I loved your three book trailers and it was quite a treat to hear your voice on Children of the Mist.
  8. Hi Lyn,
    You were my first visitor. I'm thrilled -big grin . I've just been wandering around inside here, trying to find people I recognize. Thank you for the compliment it's very much appreciated.
  9. Thanks so much for the friend request. Just went to your website - very impressive! I agree, the cover for your book is gorgeous!
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