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  1. You last asked me if I got something in June and I haven't gotten anything and it has been ages since I've been wondering the forums in here.

  2. Hi Robbibird3, Did you get the copy of my book The Prophecy:Anslem's Son? I'm just getting to check some of mail now. Wishing you a great day, Gwyn Lacy
  3. Gwynn,
    Thanks for explaining stuff but since I just found this email on the 22, it may be too late for me to enter contest but I hope it was successful for you and they chnaged the setup on me so I got to figure it out again.

  4. Hi Robin! Thanks for participating in Spot Light Authors. The idea is to get people to post on my blog and to CTR for the June Jubilee. Posts on the blog, count as 1 point and posts on the June Jubilee count as two points. You must email me at with contest in the subject line and in the body include how many posts you posted on my blog and my Spot Light Authors corner:
    When your done you might go to the first page and click on the two other Spot Light Authors. It's a great Sunday. Best wishes and Good Luck!
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