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  1. Hi Renee'
    The Chatters group in the Westerns is where I've been hanging out and trying to round up western authors and readers support, ideas and fun. I need to find a direct link to that page, because I've sent to new readers there and they didn't find it. They did however find other stuff on the CTR site and were star struck and had fun. June Jubilee and Author Spot Light was fun. But I got to go to sleep and start tabulating to find the winner. Good night my friend!
  2. Renee it is in the forums in a folder called Westerns. There are two forums with the folder "westerns"--*wince* but I don't remember which one. I'll find it. Today, June 13th is my Spot Light Author day till midnight. I am offering a $25 gift certificate to See my blog and post as many topics (each count as a point) and then on My Author Spot light and post as many times as you want (2points). Again, contest ends at midnight CST. Amazon Gift Certificate in US currency only. Hope you play and good luck!
  3. Gwyn, I'd love to post to the western group....can you give me the link to that group though? Not sure where to find it...
  4. Hi Renee, could you help out and post to the westerns group. I'm trying to get a list going. You post your favorite western/cowboy author, book, movie, actor etc. I'd like it to turn into a personal goal for those who participate to help the food drive in their community by how many individuals post. LoL Besides, go green. Save a horse, ride a cowboy *grin*
  5. Thank you for the friendship add! Hope your weekend is warm and wonderful!
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