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  1. Hey Grace, it's Pages. That is odd your friend took to reading Quinn and Quantum. They are worlds apart.
  2. Hello 'Pages', lovely to meet you. YOU PROVE MY THEORY - that intelligent people need to read romance. See, Julia Quinn and quantum physics. QED ! I have a friend who had major surgery recently and she also took Julia Quinn AND quantum physics as her hospital reads - how spooky is that?
    I'm still reading Cross Stitch - oscillating between it being brilliant and slightly tedious, but hey I cant put it down so cant be bad. I have a healthy TBR stack and always wait to see what mood I'm in before starting the next read.
    Have a great w/e,
    Grace x
  3. Hi Grace! I recieved your message. Sorry about the delay. I 'm currently reading "The Lady Most Likely..." by three different authors. One of them being Julia Quinn. She is my favorite author!. I am also reading "Just after Sunset" by Stephen King. I love to scare the **** out of myself. And, finally, "Quantum" by Manjit Kumar. I like quantum physics and this is a story about Einstein and Bohr debating their therories on the nature of reality.
    I'm glad you messaged me. No one ever seems to want to chat or visit the site to talk about books other than what they are writing them selves, not that there is any thing wrong with that, but where are all the non-author readers? So, my sister told me I have to read "Water for Elephants". Have you read this book? I know it has been out for a long time now.
  4. oh hello, didnt realise there was some activity going on here. Great!
    What's everyone reading at the moment?
    I've just started 'Cross Stitch' by Diana Gabaldon, (I believe it might be called 'Outlander' in the US) as it came very highly recommended. Finding the writing style a little old fashioned but then it starts in the 1940's so that may be a ploy....
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