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  1. Hey Khristen where have you been? Drop me a note next time you're on.
  2. I write regency romance novel. I tend to lean more towards historical, regency, mystery, suspence, and I like some horror. Julia Quinn is my favorite author along with Stephin King.

    Amish romance sounds interesting. I'm going to check that out. Have you ever thought about writing your own novel?
  3. Thank you ! I've had many people tell me that it is a strange way to spell it , I guess for me it's normal lol. I like all types of novels , my Aunt Miss Mae is a great writer I've read her novels , The last series that I read was by Beverly Lewis it was about Amish romance and mystery /religous. To my surprise they were very good I was hooked with the first book and I read all her series, she has new ones out that I have yet to read. I love a good mystery and romance novel. What types do you enjoy?
  4. Khristine I send you a friend request. My sister's name is Christine. I love the way you spell yours. What type of novels do you offten read?
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