Contemporary Romance

  1. CharityParkerson
    Hey guys, I haven't seen any messages posted in this group so I thought that I would kick things off. I hope no one minds.

    I am the author of 5 books, 3 of which are contemporary romance. My latest release is 'A Secure Heart'

  2. Pamela Mason
    Pamela Mason
    Hi Charity! I'm still working on my own, but I have friends from my group, GA Romance Indies, who write all types romance, including contemporary.
    We are about to kick off a blog tour for one of us - Annie Rayburn's Phantoms & Fantasies is an erotic, contemp'y romance with (mild) science fiction elements.
    I hope you look for her reviews on Amazon & give her a try! I'll post more info soon --

    Tell me more about A Secure Heart?
  3. empire76
    Hi people. I'm an author of multicultural romances set in Africa :-). I have two novels (Most Eligible Bachelor and Chancing Faith) coming out in 2012. Looking forward to meeting and sharing here
  4. Tammy Robinson
    Tammy Robinson
    Hi everyone :-) I'm new to this group and site. My book is Charlie and Pearl
  5. Tammy Robinson
    Tammy Robinson
    Hi again :-) Charlie and Pearl is FREE today (24 hours only) on Amazon
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