M/M romance

  1. Ava Teagarden
    Ava Teagarden
    I came upon a m/m romance by "accident". Would someone who really enjoys this type of romance recommend a couple books or authors who write m/m romance? Am I in the correct forum? This is hard for me. I think I would like to investigate further thiI s story type romance. My name is Ava and I'm just a regular reader of romance, but I'm not sure if I liked this one book only. Ava
  2. Amber Rose Thompson
    Amber Rose Thompson
    Hi Ava,
    My friend Margie Church is famous for her M/M romances so I would suggest her. I wrote one book that has an M/M relationship in it, Taken Bi Love. M/M is a growing genre with a huge fanbase. You are not alone in your inquisitiveness or potential interest. That being said there are definitely certain authors well known for their ability to weave a M/M tale that will leave you panting and on the edge of your seat hoping for a happy ending of which Margie is one. I would also highly recommend M. Christian. Happy Reading, Amber
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