Carole Gill, Vampire Fiction a Speciality! Hi All!

  1. carole gill
    carole gill
    First of all, I only joined CTR last week!
    I write dark gothic romance. I am working on The Blackstone Vampires Series.

    The two book covers I just uploaded are for the first two books in the series: The House on Blackstone Moor and Unholy Testament - The Beginnings which are both on sale. The third and fourth books to follow.

    I love writing about vampire and I combine it all with history.
    My first book was described as 'Jane Eyre with vampires!'

    Unholy Testament picks up where that leaves off and continues on after it (in book 3)

    I do love reading vampire fiction and currently am writing a novel for Aiden James for his Dying of the Dark Vampire Series!
    Hello to you all!

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