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  1. Fran Lee
    Fran Lee

    I love all kinds of romance...from vampires and werewolves to erotic, to sweet and gentle. But I write hot. Hot paranormal, hot contemporary, and hot shape shifter. If you love hot, then this is the place to be.
  2. Fran Lee
    Fran Lee
    Well..I made it back again. Last night I tried to post and the damn system kept telling me the font was wrong...then the size was after an hour, I shut 'er down and said to heck with it. It was worse than a content editor with PMS!
  3. Fran Lee
    Fran Lee
    Welcome! I hope you enjoy this group...I haven't had a great deal of time to jump in and chat lately...three new releases in three months! How's everyone doing?
  4. Fran Lee
    Fran Lee
    I see that there are three members (of course one of them is the Group owner, but she's a sweetie) but no one has left any messages. I know I am not the best of hostesses, but I will try harder! BTW...Has anyone here seen my sunglasses? I might have lost them bending over the keyboard.
  5. J. Hali
    J. Hali
    I'm following you around the Web, Fran...looking for that 3rd clue! *GRINS*

    How's everyone?
  6. s7anna
    Hi Fran,
    I'm stalking you as always :P
    This looks like it's a fun place to be...
  7. ReneeVincent
    Glad to be here Fran! I'm new to this forum, but am excited to join in on the fun.

    I'm a romantic at heart, but steamy is always better!
  8. ketadiablo
    Hi Fran, What a great idea for a group on Coffee Time.

    I'm Keta Diablo for those who don't know me (Fran does). I write erotic romance historical and paranormal and a little gay fiction for numerous publishers.

    I look forward to chatting with you here about hot, steamy romances. In the meantime, if you'd like to sign up for my newsletter, you'll be eligible to win free books. I give three away every month all year long.
    sign up here:

    And thanks again, Fran. Let me know what hot topic is up next on the agenda and I'll be here.
  9. Gina Gordon
    Gina Gordon
    Hi Fran, I am a happily ever after junkie too!! Looking forward to chatting
  10. Visionary
    Hi, I love to read and write the hot, sexy stuff myself, although that gets written under a different name. My pen name writes it, but I read it!
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