Romancing the Werewolf

  1. evagordon
    Welcome to Romancing the Werewolf Group. Join the pack and start a discussion. Let us all howl together about why werewolves are sooo romantic and hot. I will also be teaching a course at Coffee Time in February on Wolf and Werewolf Lore. Come visit my blog for werewolf interviews and advice
  2. ReneeVincent
    I certainly love vikings, as my historical romance is about a Norse warrior and his love for an Irish princess, but never have I heard of a viking werewolf. Interesting...
    I checked out your blog, and I see you are a Gerard Butler fan too when it comes to someone who would be best suited to play your viking. Gerard makes a fantastic viking!

    Glad to meet you here.
  3. BK Walker
    BK Walker
    I am actually working on my 3rd novel that will have a werewolf as one of the main characters . It will be my first attempt with a werewolf in the frontline. Great covers up there . Please visit my new blog, Immortyl and Beyond at . It is very new but I will be posting author interviews as soon as I have the dates in order. If anyone would like to participate in an interview, please let me know, I would be happy to have you.
  4. kNight Romance Publishing
    kNight Romance Publishing
    Eva! I found you my dear! Hello there!
    If you like a sexy and sensual short story of a hot wolfman, check out The NightMan by T.L. Mitchell!
  5. kNight Romance Publishing
    kNight Romance Publishing
    Releasing tomorrow, is a Teen wolf shapeshifter romance short story, Wickford High: The Revelation by Karen Fuller.
  6. Siretha Gail
    Siretha Gail
    As I've said earlier today, its my day for exploring the new, hot, spicey and the erotic paranormal
  7. darkreader
    I love all shapeshifters - but werewolves are at the top! Love those Alpha Males!
  8. S.Durham
    Hi to everyone in this wolfy group I like werewolves and shapeshifters! I even wrote a book about a werewolf, The Lycan Moon, which has a slightly different take on a tortured werewolf's life...

    Cheers, Sara

    Great to meet all of you.
  9. Lovie313
    Hello. I am new to the Werewolf group. My name is Jennifer. I am an avid reader, wife, mother of 2 and a high school teacher. I also read books in order to review on my blog. I look forward to getting to know everyone.
  10. JuliaT
    Hey, y'all! I adore werewolves, reading and writing. Just wanted to say hey!
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