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  1. Kaylin McFarren
    Kaylin McFarren
    Don't know about anyone else but as for myself, I'm a total chocoholic. If it's not in the house, I crave it. If I'm writing a heavy scene, I devour it. And now with Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, everywhere I look there's heart-shaped boxes tempting me. Anyone else a deep, dark melt-in-your mouth addict like myself? Kaylin
  2. astonwest
    I'm thinking that "deep, dark melt-in-your-mouth addict" could be taken a whole different way without the context to back it up.

    Needless to say, I enjoy chocolate, but am not an addict by any means. Now, great sci-fi on the other hand......
  3. Kaylin McFarren
    Kaylin McFarren
    ROTFL...never thought of that! Look what happens when you get thrown in with a bunch of raving romantics. Your mind delves into those "dark" places.
  4. astonwest
    astonwest mind was already there long before I got sucked into a bunch of romantics.
  5. Kaylin McFarren
    Kaylin McFarren
    What can I say...we're all degenerates in some aspect or other...
    Anyway, as promised, here's my super cool recipe for Valentine's day. Consider making this for that special loved one in your life. (BTW, if this doesn't warm the cockles of their soul, nothing will.)

    Kaylin's Special Coffee Nudge Recipe

    3/4 oz dark creme de cacao
    3/4 oz coffee liqueur
    1/2 oz brandy
    6 - 8 oz hot coffee
    1 1/2 oz whipped cream

    Combine all the above ingredients with coffee and top with whipped cream. Yum!!
  6. Kaylin McFarren
    Kaylin McFarren
    So now back to the show...what's up next for Aston West? A new galaxy to explore??
  7. Candace M
    Candace M
    Kaylin - I am one of the weird females who don't like chocolate. I prefer white chocolate, raspberry, cherry, or vanilla... I made white chocolate chip cookies yesterday as part of our Super Bowl party spread and they were yummy!
  8. Allison Knight
    Allison Knight
    You mentioned the game. I am sick, sick, sick..... I'm from Indiana - originally. I still think the Colts recovered that onside kick. By the third quarter, I couldn't take it anymore. So I went to my computer, read e-mails and played with Twitter.
  9. kmtolan
    Oh look, I found a new group! (nods to Kaylin)
  10. Kaylin McFarren
    Kaylin McFarren
    Oh, sorry about the bowl (not really cause I won $35. :P) - but just think about all the fun you had on Twitter with all the other tweetoholics. And Candace, I simply ADORE white chocolate! Never thought to sub white chips in my cookies. This I will "have" to try. Hey KMTolan - el sales magnifico. I may have to call on your incredible talents and advice to dispurse my quantum load. Congratulations on being super talented and incredibly popular.

    Now back to Mr. Aston West. Tell us all about the next amazing adventure you're involved in. Any sexy babes in this story?
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