Historical readers and writers

  1. Deanna Jewel
    Deanna Jewel
    I want to let all of you know that my new historical book, No Turning Back, will be released on on April 5th - visit my profile to see the wonderful cover and visit my website/book trailer to see the hero! I have two chapters on Book Buzzer so pls check it out. The book trailer is on youtube, just search Deanna Jewel.
  2. ReneeVincent
    I have just been signed under Turquoise Morning Press with a three book contract which includes the re-publishing of my historical romance, Ræliksen, and also its sequels - Mac Liam, and the third book in the Emerald Isle Trilogy. Ræliksen will gain a new cover and be due to re-release this summer in August 2010.
  3. Grace Elliot
    Grace Elliot
    Where are all the lovers of historical romance? Have you gone to sleep?
    Let's shake this group up ...drop by and introduce yourself and tell me what you're reading now.
  4. Pages of Romance
    Pages of Romance
    Anyone of you Ladies know an editor with a magic wand? I really do need an editor. Please if you know of one drop me a message.
  5. Pages of Romance
    Pages of Romance
    Grace I agree! What novel have you read that just left you breathless? Let's talk Grace.
    Cary "Lady of Romance"
  6. Pages of Romance
    Pages of Romance
    Limited Time Only! I have posted my new novel for free. Come take a peek and leave any comments.
    Cary Davis with www.pagesofromance.com
  7. CJArcher
    Hi all. This group seems a bit quiet - surely there's more historical lovers out there?? I'd love to talk about all things historical if anyone cares to join me. I'm particularly interested in time periods outside the traditional Regency. Elizabethan is my favourite but all periods of history intrigue me.
  8. killianmcrae
    Hi, y'all. I'm new to the group. Historicals are my favorite sub-genre of fiction. I just started Jeannie Lin's "Butteryfly Swords" set in Imperial China, and after that is "Lily of the Nile" by Stacy Dray, a book based loosely on the life of one of the children of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony (yes, they had kids. Actually, three kids.)
  9. Suzan Tisdale
    Suzan Tisdale
    New here and lovin' it already! ;o)
  10. leahluvsmedieval
    Hello all. I'm Leah and I'm an avid historical reader. In any form. The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss started me down this love of history 19 years ago. The last few book I read were Prince of Ravenscar by Catherine Coulter, Captive Queen by Alison Weir, To Be Queen by Christie English,The Viking Takes a Kinght and The Norseman's Daughter by Sandra Hill. Right now I'm reading Shamless by Karen Robards.
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