Angelic Demons

  1. dcfoulkes77
    Hi all, I have just had my book published its theme is fantastical, with Angels and Demons. I have loved things like this since childhood and want to use this group for other likeminded people
  2. MAshby
    So, I have this book that I've been working on, would anyone mind taking a look at it and give some feedback where I can take this? That would be awesome! Thanks!
  3. Carolyn Rosewood
    Carolyn Rosewood
    Hi everyone! Can I join? I have a series out with Evernight Publishing called Seduced By A Demon. I write about succubi and Nephilim. Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
  4. Lovie313
    Hello. My name is Jennifer. I am an avid reader, wife, mother of 2 and a high school teacher. I also read books in order to review on my blog. I look forward to getting to know everyone.
  5. Rayna Vause
    Rayna Vause
    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Rayna, I also write m/m romance as R.A. Vaughn. I recently released The Demon He Knows which is the first in what I plan to make a three story series. In it I've created a world where Angels and Demons have gone corporate. It's fun and quirky IMO. I look forward to getting to know the other members of this group.
  6. PamTurner
    Hello! My name is Pamela (Pam) Turner and, like Rayna (grin), I also write about corporate angels. My short novel, Death Sword, is the first in a planned 3- or 4-book series about angels of death. I write (usually) m/m paranormal romance/urban fantasy and am currently writing a stand-alone novel involving the Devil and angels of the Order of Thrones. Nice to meet you all!
  7. Amber Rose Thompson
    Amber Rose Thompson
    Good day, I am Amber Rose Thompson, Power Broker of BDSM erotica. I have a dark fascination for the powers that take over during lust, infatuation, and sex. No one who has lashed out with a flogger, been struck with a whip, or orgasmed can say they were in their right, logical mind at the time. How better to describe and explore the dangerous world of lust, passion, romance, and desire than with the dark nature of creatures from another realm? Who knows, maybe we inherited their wants too?
  8. JoAnne Myers
    JoAnne Myers
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