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    Hello, (two months later). I didn't realize I had a private message in here. I need the computer to knock me over the head with this stuff sometimes. Hope you are doing well and having a great 2009. Any resolutions?
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    I finally got the paper done. It was due yesterday. It's the rough draft and I'm not looking forward to getting it back with all the professor's suggestions on how to fix it.

    Now I have to study for a history test. It shouldn't be hard, I aced the last one, but it's just hard to get my brain started. So I'm procrastinating that.

    I know I keep complaining about school; truthfully, I love it. I've always been a geek. I'm graduating in May and I'm terrified because I don't know what to do. I want to be a writer, but I need a dayjob until then, and I'm freaking out.

    I'm glad to hear you got over the writer's block. Keep going and good luck.

    Give the kitties a pet for me since I can't so much as let one rub up against my leg without getting a runny nose and eyes.
  3. Hey, I hope that your paper is coming along.

    I'm doing ok, been working my morning job and writing. I have 55 pages on my handwritten story Angel's Story and 16 pages of the 46 handwritten on the typed story The Haunted Cemetery. So, everything is coming along at a steady pace.

    I start my online class tomorrow thankfully.

    My cats are doing ok, though sometimes they are getting on my nerves, lol.I keep them seperated most of the time because they play a little too rough for our liking. They do get their "playtime" each day with each other, but when they get a little too rough and she's whining more than usual, then that's it for the day. Why do cats be so brutal with each other?? I saw some cats a few weeks ago at night and they were going at it, it was vicious. I'm still learning about cats as they grow up, but I know that these are going to be the only ones that we have, two is plenty.
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    It's kind of going well. Right now I'm procrastinating writing my theory of international relations paper. Have fun with your classes, and your cats.
    For the writer's block, you could try some exercises out of a textbook. I'm in a general creative writing class and the book we use has tons of short exercises at the end of each chapter. Or pick a few words a random person says on the street and just go off that. Those only really help if you're writing a story from scratch though. If you're doing a novel and know where it should go and it's just getting there that's hard, I don't know what to tell you besides give your brain a break and try back later. I try going for a jog and just letting my mind wander. When that doesn't work, I mainline coffee.
    Good luck on the writer's block. I'm going to try to get over my writer's fear and get back to my research paper.
  5. I hope that things are going well for you with your classes. I'm in the process of enrolling in Phoenix Online classes, so I hope that I get to start soon, I'm taking up Human Services-a mixture of counseling, psychology, sociology and the management of a hospital all rolled in together.

    My cats are getting along better. Thankfully.

    My writing is coming along well. I got 9 pages done last night and 4 pages the day before. Though today is coming along slow, but I'm pacing myself since the writer's block is still lingering.
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    I've been there. I'm on the third book in my series, and I've been re-reading the first. I decided it didn't start fast enough and had way too much exposition, so I'm going back, basically re-writing the entire first half of the book, and I'm getting maybe two pages a day depending on how much reading and homework I have for school.
  7. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that your allergic.

    Thankfully, today they are making progress and are kind of playing together, if you call swipping each other with their claws playful, lol. Thankfully Buttercup is not so tough towards her and she doesn't yelp in pain.

    At least, I can get back to my rereading/writing of Angel's Story, since I only got a few pages read last night.
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    It can take forever depending on how much you have down. Good luck with the cats. I hope they get along soon for your sake. I don't know anything about cats. I can't have any since I'm really allergic.
  9. Actually, I'm still in the prcess of typing everything up, since everything is handwritten. Now that I have a laptop that shouldn't take too long-I hope. Then I can get to the fun part of sending out letters and contacting agents in my chosen area(s). My typing is coming along, now that my writer's block is mostly gone. But my lovely dear cats are having a battle-I just got a baby kitten Friday. She's gray with white sprinkles. Our other cat is tawny colored with eyes that change color. He's not so nice at the moment, hissing and trying to strike her, he's never done this before since he's used to having free rain of the house. I hope that he gets used to her soon.
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    Thank you. I need all the good luck I can get. And good luck to you. Have you had any luck getting through to publishers, like with query letters or anything?
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