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  1. SNEAK PREVIEW of Lost Paradise, Promise Me Series Book #8! Entire first chapter!


    Chapter One
    When I woke up the next morning, my werecougar lover Theo was still sleeping beside me.
    The problem was likely all that scotch my stepfather had plied him with in celebration of...
  2. A Whiff of Irresistible Desire + contest!



    Much of a romantic scene or a sexy scene often includes a sultry song, lingerie, candles, or other props to set the scene for a passionate...
  3. The Melt Your Resistance, Seven Layers of Heaven Trifle


    The Melt Your Resistance, Seven Layers of Heaven Trifle

    Recipe by Tara Fox Hall
    Promise Me Series Book #6 Her Secret

    Cake: Take... 1 capable blond country woman afraid to express...
  4. Interview with Tara Fox Hall on Point of No Return, Promise Me Series Book #7


    Name: Tara Fox Hall (biological name and pen name)
    Where are you from: New York State, Binghamton originally
    A little about your self `ie your education Family life:
    Tara Fox Hall received...
  5. Interview with vampire Danial Racklan of the Promise Me Series!


    Brief Interview with Danial, of the Promise Me Series

    Thank you very much for having me CTR today!
    I offer the following short interview with my tall, dark, and handsome detective hero...
  6. Her Secret, Promise Me Series Book #6 Playlist and excerpt!


    Her Secret: Promise Me Series Book #6 Playlist

    Even when life, movies, books, or everyday life canít help me muster up the next plot twist or smoking hot sexual interlude,...
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    Happy Saturday! :)

    Hello to everyone this fine Saturday! :) :welcome3:!!!!

    My name is Tara Fox Hall, and I'll be here with other Heartfelt Promos Authors sharing snippets, excerpts, interviews and more from our...
  8. Awesome giveaway, Nicole!

    Glad to hear about this Nicole! :)
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    Glad to meet you! I'm Tara Fox

    Hello everyone! I'm Tara Fox Hall, writer of the paranormal romantic suspense Promise Me Series and paranormal action/dramatic Lash Series, as well as recently both some BDSM erotica and transgender...
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